Our Mission

InGamer’s Mission:
To make the live events people watch more fun

The point of this post is to articulate that underlying philosophy of InGamer; how we view the content landscape and how we are positioning ourselves today to capitalize on the future as we see it.

So…we want to make live events more fun (starting with Sports). That is a basic statement masked in complexity. We are focused on real-time events and those who are watching them. Our product is being designed with that core target user in mind.

InGamer is focused on making the experience of watching live events within this modern multi-screen ecosystem more FUN.

Head-Up experiences

The main goal of InGamer is to create an experience to attract & engage the casual sports fan. Casual sports fans WATCH sports. Not every sport and not every game, but they watch some games.  And audiences do not inherently want to be focused on other screens DURING the action – it’s the breaks in play that we aim to engage around…while allowing more hardcore users the opportunity to dive more deeply into the InGamer world.

We want fans to play InGamer ‘some times’. That is an important point – we do not expect people to play every game. If you only watch Monday Night Football each week, or Packers games, or Habs/Leafs games, then our goal is to spark InGamer play during those events.

Just because we don’t expect users to play every game, doesn’t mean we don’t want to acquire millions of users. There are 10's of thousands  of live sporting events...stretched out across every day of the year...so there are ample opportunities to engage. ‘Fantasy’ – typically – is a weekly activity during singular seasons, with 30-odd opportunities to really engage per year, thus engaging users EVERY time is the key to value. InGamer has 10,000s of potential engagement points. 

We are making sports gaming more accessible, more flexible and more inherently social…thus raising the engagement ceiling of live events

InGamer is a social game influenced by fantasy sports.

The Modern Audience  

The other MAJOR philosophical aspect of InGamer that needs to be discussed is how we plan on taking advantage of the new multiscreen ecosystem that is evolving: best described by this oft-quoted stat - 86% of live sports watchers engage in a companion device at some point during their watching experience.

Before discussing how our InGamer approach fits into this shifting engagement paradigm, It’s useful to explore what decisions others are making.

SO…almost everyone watching sports shifts their attention from the main-screen to a secondary one during events. Great! That means they will automatically be more inclined to participate in an activity broadcasters tell them to participate in during the telecasts. Broadcasters know audiences are already using their phones/tablets/computers, so when they produce content/activities for those screens, and they promote that people can do it simultaneously with broadcast, the audience will surely engage with it. Right? I don't think so....

Audiences are multi-taskers not because they have to be, or are told to be, but because they want to be

Social network usage has effectively conditioned audiences to aim for instant gratification. The a-d-d audience now has the tools to be engaged and entertained whenever they chose. Boredom & passive watching is a thing of the past. Audiences can engage with whatever they want whenever they want to.

The fact that audiences are engaged in multiple screens during live events doesn’t mean that they are more inclined to just ‘DO’ something because it exists. If you build it, you can’t ‘make‘ them come. Facebook and Twitter have 100s of millions of users. It has taken time building their audience (a freakishly short period of time in the relation to past “things’). But one of the core tenets of their successes is that they don’t force users to do anything, They are social. Come and go as you please.  

Single live event based gaming built with the psychological dynamics of fantasy sports has the potential of being the most valuable bridge between live sports and the multi-tasking CASUAL sports fan audience

InGamer gives audiences something else to do while they are watching sports without forcing them to change how they watch.

InGamer is “smart man’s” Fantasy built for the newbie. We have built the easiest way for the uninitiated to get a taste of what has become a major phenomenon. And new fans can do that at any point of a season, or even any point of an individual game. InGamer is the ultimate Fantasy appetizer!

And for hardcore players, the deeper you think about InGamer, the more strategic it can become…but anyone can play InGamer by simply clicking 2 buttons.

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