DON’T FORGET THE SALSA – Giants at Panthers
It’s Thursday and now the NFL has made sure that we have football to watch every Thursday night all season.  What does this mean?  It means more days to watch America’s greatest sport. 
As fantasy players we are trained that once the games start, we have to watch them all so we can see how OUR players are doing. We own them.  We are obligated to see how they do.  Single game nights like this can get so FREAKIN’ boring since sometimes we don’t OWN anyone. 
That is when it is time to add the SALSA.  Like Victor Cruz (left) when he scores or a guacamole & chips platter, you always need SALSA.
We NEED to make games more FUN to watch.  We NEED a vested interest in the players on both sides of the ball.  We NEED an easy to play, but fun fantasy game.    
What the heck is INGAMER you ask?  Simple, it is an easy to play fantasy game for a single football game with the ability to change players each quarter.
So you want to play, but you don’t know where to go or who to pick, right? We got your back. Let’s go through how to play and then breakdown some analysis of Giants at Panthers game tonight on NFL Network.
So how does it work?  You simply register for the game at  We make that easy too as you can use Facebook or Google+ automatic sign in.  Then, select tonight’s matchup – Giants at Panthers.  You will then be asked to select five (5) players for tonight’s game.  We suggest you click on the fast pick button and then fill squad.  This will give you a competitive team for tonight's game.  Then, you can look into the matchup and make changes.  You can also select a Captain.  This player gets double points, that’s positive or negative points so be careful as this player can't be changed.
Then you plan where you will watch the game, invite your friends, find rivals in InGamer and have a ton of fun.  It’s that easy.

The great thing about InGamer is that the scoring is designed to make sure players who have a good game for their teams, will have a good game for you.  So you should select players that will help their team the most and that will give you the highest score.
So, the Fill Squad button does some math to make sure you have a competitive team, but you want to do more to determine who to pick.  Well, the information is built into InGamer.  You can find it all there to help you make decisions.  On top of that, we will give you some of our favorites below. 

Andre Brown, RB
Brown emerged when Ahmad Bradshaw went down in the 2nd quarter with a neck injury rushing for 71 yards on only 13 carries.  He showed poise too when he laid down instead of scoring a TD with 1:20 left in the game, a skill that Bradshaw lacked in the Super Bowl in February.  With Bradshaw ruled out for tonight, bank on Brown to get the carries with David Wilson as the change of pace.  Carolina gives up 140 yards per game on the ground and 125 yards per game through the air to RBs.  Take advantage. This is tonight’s weakest link.

Rueben Randle, RB
This is the night.  With Hakeem Nicks ruled out, the young talent will get plenty of snaps to show his talents.  Many like Bardem better, but we are big Randle fans.  He is 6’ 4” tall and 210 lbs strong.  He dominated at LSU last year including peaking in the final game of the season vs Arkansas with a college career best 134 yards receiving.  Keep your eyes open for Reuben tonight.

Jason Pierre Paul, DE
As a player, he has a ceiling that is unmatched on the DL.  He could be a Reggie White type player within the next five years.  He is still only 23 years old and has only played for three years in the NFL.  People with the Giants say that he is only about 60% of the player he will be.  WOW.  With 16.5 sacks and 86 tackles last year, he is a guy who can bring the stats.  He has 7 tackles, 5 assists and a sack so far in this short season.  Great bet to get 3-4 tackles and a sack tonight.

Michael Boley, LB
Boley is a beast in coverage.  He drops back and shadows the running QBs in the Giants defense.  This gives him a chance to read the eyes.  He already has two picks in two games and is solid as far as tackles/assists.  If you think that the G-men will bottle up the Panthers, then Boley is a must have.

Antrelle Rolle, CB
InGamer rewards big for the players on both sides of the ball that give their team the most.  Rolle has been that guy so far.  With 12 solo tackles so far and the fact that he will be in coverage on a young Brandon LaFell and aging Steve Smith, is an opportunity for Rolle to have a pick.  We will Rolle with the veteran out of Miami tonight.

Cam Newton, QB
Almost impossible to ignore Newton for any fantasy game this week let alone one that has only players from these two teams.  The NY Giants got sliced and diced by Tony Romo in week 1 and catch this…Josh Freeman in week 2.  They have given up 550 yards passing and 5 TDs in the two games.  Newton has been no slouch throwing for 556 yards and more importantly rushing for 75 yards and a TD.   Bank on the 2nd year pro to come up big tonight.

Steve Smith, WR
Watching Vincent Jackson push off defenders to create space to make catches last week gives us confidence that Steve Smith will be able to do the same with replacement officials not brave enough to call those offensive interference calls.  The lowly Bucs are the only team to give up more yards to WRs this year than the Giants and that is because Eli threw for 510 yards against them last week.  Smith has quietly had two straight 100 yard games.  Expect 100 yards and a TD from the perennial pro bowler.

Justin Medlock, K
Weird to pick a kicker, but we really think that the Giants will hold the Panthers out of the end zone and this guy is good.  He is 28 years old and a former kicker for UCLA and although he has only made two kicks this season, we predict he will get 3 tonight.

Charles Godfrey, DB
With Eli proving that he throws picks especially in the first half, this is the perfect selection.  Godfrey has an interception and 12 solo tackles leading the team in both categories.  He is tough and can cover Cruz.  Most importantly, with Nicks out, he will see two very young receivers and be able to teach them a thing or two.

Dwan Edwards, DB
After dominating the Tampa Bay line in week 1, Dwan is now the starter and showing up.  His bull rush is leading to pocket breakdown in the middle and will lead to a couple of sacks of Eli as like his brother he is not exactly fleet of foot.  Since Andre Brown and David Wilson are more inside runners, the 31-year old veteran should be able to clog up the middle and rack up the tackles and assists.

So, what else do you need to know?
Be aware of who has the ball.  Before halftime, you’ll know who gets the ball in the 3rd quarter.  Queue up either offensive players for the team that will have the ball or defensive players for the team that won’t.  This will make sure that based on how to see the game going in the 3rd quarter you can lock in some points.
Don’t overthink.  Play the players you want to root for and those that you think will do the best.  Don’t start breaking down Safety Vs TE to determine whether to have Greg Olsen in.  Way too much.  If you have to get that far, pick another player.  Plenty of scoring to be handed out.
Have fun.  It is simply the best thing to have.  So play hard, dance like Madonna if you want, but play for fun.  When you win, it will be that much better.  When you don’t win, it will still be fun.
Oh yeah…lastly, you cannot ignore Eli in the 4th quarter.  Period.
So pick the place to watch the game. Grab your friends. Get the beer. Get the chips. Make the guacamole.  And definitely…don’t forget the SALSA…INGAMER.

Rick Wolf is a consultant, player, radio host and writer in Fantasy Sports who with Glenn Colton has won 6 major expert titles in the last 10 years. Wolf started the Fantasy Sports Division at CBS Sports in 1996 and transformed in 2002 to be bought by NBCU in 2006.  Wolf is a founding board member of the FSTA, acted as its chairman from 2002-2006 and was elected to the FSTA Hall of Fame in 2011.  Wolf also co-hosts a popular radio show on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio – Colton and The Wolfman.  He can be found on Twitter @RickWolf1.

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