The NFL's Honourable Schedule Change... Would the NHL Do the Same?

If there's one thing we all know Americans can agree on it's their love of football... choosing sides in the game of politics, not so much. So when the NFL graciously rescheduled their season opener between the defending Super Bowl champion NY Giants and the Dallas Cowboys to avoid conflict with President Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention I wondered... would the NHL do the same?

In a society where popular culture has such an impact on today's voting population, it's not surprising an entity as big as the NFL has scheduling conflicts with the President. Both were planning to go live on Thursday night- Obama from Charlotte, NC and the NFL from East Rutherford, NJ but instead the kickoff to the 2012-13 season is Wednesday at 8:30 pm eastern. Keep in mind the NFL had a choice about the situation so for them to step back and give the election its light is beyond socially responsible and shows a high level of respect to Obama. When shows like TLC's Honey Boo Boo get higher ratings than the Republican National Convention , it's a scary thought to wonder just how many viewers would chose football over a speech that could ultimately effect the next four to eight years of their lives.. 

With hockey being the most watched sport in Canada, would the NHL be willing to make a move as significant of that made by the NFL if a federal election were to fall at the same time? Obviously there are no Canadian teams in the NFL, which has a direct connection to the audience, but would commissioner Gary Bettman be okay with it? Pushing back a Habs vs Leafs season opener? I'm thinking no. 

Once again the NFL has proven why it is the most dominant professional sports league; an effortless combination of competition and class.


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