The Best of Week 2

Well last night's game was fun?! I almost forgot how sappy Jay Cutler could look without his helmet coming off after countless three and outs. How many sacks can Cutler take? I'm putting the over/under at 20 this year. After the first full week of football where anything can happen, we now enter Week 2; a no excuses from here on out kind of game, and another early but influential piece in the Super Bowl chess game. This week I round up the best of the best!

Baltimore Ravens (1-0) @ Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)
Sunday, 1pm EDT
How the Eagles didn't lose to the Browns after a Mike Vick meltdown is still a run in my stockings, but the Browns have just got to be the saddest crayon in the box. The purple of the Ravens however are putting on a strong suit with 44 points for and only 13 against in their home opener versus the Bengals (a team only slightly better than the Browns.). Both these teams enter each season with lofty expectations and this year one of them needs to deliver. While the critics have been hard on Joe Flacco despite his four straight playoff appearances since entering the league, I see him as a more refined producer this season, and possibly the stand out of the year The Eagles may be without receiver Jeremy Maclin, and with a defense that only allowed one touchdown last week sans star Tyrell Suggs, should have no problems against a guy who threw four interceptions and is often recovering from injury. My pick: The RAVENS!!!

New Orleans Saints (0-1) @ Carolina Panthers (0-1)
Sunday 1pm EDT
The Saints may have blown their first tires on a surprise team like the Redskins, but they won't allow sophomore Cam Newton and the meagre Panthers a repeat performance. The Panthers seem like they're headed for another season of really close games, and again I have a feeling they'll be on the losing side more often than not. Which is not GREAT news for me since Newts is my starting quarterback in my traditional fantasy league, but hey fantasy isn't about losing the game it's about getting the points. So now  that the Saints have some of their defense back and quaterback Drew Brees has been roughed up for once, his rebound game should be exemplary and I'm expecting over 300 yards a few touchdowns and a clean sheet on interceptions. My Pick.... The SAINTS!!!!

Denver Broncos (1-0) @ Atlanta Falcons (1-0)
Monday 8:30pm EDT
Peyton Manning didn't miss a beat last week in the win against the Steelers and that's why I'm thinking every game featuring the Broncos will be one worth writing about. This week he faces Matt Ryan, who reminds me of the Joe Flacco of the NFC; a strong arm with a functioning peanut, just a little soft around the edges and needs a bit more toughening up. It's guys like him who need to take a stand against legends like Manning if they want to set themselves apart in the NFL. Especially if he's coming off a one-year layover, a loss for Ryan would really put his abilities into question. What sucks is the Falcons just lost corner back Brent Grimes to an Achilles injury, putting him out for the whole season. Hopefully Julio Jones, who's predicted to be a big target for the dirty birds (he went quick in the draft!) and Roddy White can mix it up with Michael Turner, pending he doesn't get in an injury. I say the Manning train stops here and it's back to reality on Monday so My Pick.... THE FALCONS!!!!

This Saturday I'll share my InGamer strategy on how to play the feature game... The Lions vs. 49ers!!!!


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