Quoth The Commissioner Nevermore

H—a—l—l—e—l—u—l—a--h! Hallelulah! Hallelulah! The NFL’s regular officiating crews will be back in time for the game tonight. No more non-existent illegal motion calls. No more perfect coverage called pass interference. No more penalties being marched off in the wrong direction. No more replacement officials who were fired from the Lingerie Football League for unfortunately being too blind to enjoy the game (right). And…really…no more interceptions called “Simultaneous Possession”.

Unfortunately for fans tonight, this creates a difficult game to watch.
The Ravens are just better on both sides of the ball. The Browns cannot hope for some kind of divine referee intervention or series of blown calls that can keep them in this one.  Weeden is not good. Browns’receivers are not good. The defense is not good with All Pro Joe Haden serving a suspension. For the Browns, tonight is NOT GOOD. So tonight we need help to make the game more exciting…WE NEED INGAMER!
So, what is INGAMER? Simple, it is an easy to play fantasy game for a single football game with the ability to change players each quarter. So you want to play, but you don’t know where to go or who to pick, right? We got your back. Let’s go through how to play and then breakdown some analysis of Browns at Ravens game tonight on NFL Network.

So how does it work? You simply register for the game at www.ingamer.com. We make that easy too as you can use Facebook or  Google+ automatic sign in. Then, select tonight’s Browns Ravens matchup.  Then you will be asked to select five (5) players for tonight’s game. We suggest you select the Fill Squad button and then Submit as this automatically gives you a competitive roster.  Then, you can look into the matchup and make changes. You can also select a Captain. This player gets double points, that’s positive or negative points so be careful as this is the only player you can't change.  Then you plan where you will watch the game, invite your friends, find  rivals in InGamer and have a ton of fun. It’s that easy.

The great thing about InGamer is that the scoring (left) is designed to make sure players who have a good game for their teams, will have a good game for you. So you should select players that will help  their team the most and that will give you the highest score.  So, the Fill Squad button does some math to make sure you have a competitive team, but you want to  do more to determine who to pick. Well, the information is built into InGamer. You can find it all there  to help you make decisions. Here are some of our favorite plays tonight.

Everyone knows Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and Ray Lewis as the offensive and defensive leaders of this Ravens team. They are ALL good plays tonight since the Browns defense gives up tons of points to QBs and RBs and Lewis is again among the leaders in solo tackles policing the middle of the field. These are obvious players to cycle through, but we wanted to give you some more insights into some players you might not have on your radar.

Jacoby Jones, WR

Last week we saw Jones beginning to find his place between the young speedster (Torrey Smith) and the aging star (Anquan Boldin). Jones runs tight routes and was open a lot more than Boldin. Smith played an emotional game so you cannot expect that to happen every week. His size (6’2” 212) and steady progression as an increased target is what is interesting here plus the fact that the Browns give up the third most points to WRs in the league. Expect Jones to take another step up and go over a hundred yards tonight.

Dennis Pitta, TE

Pitta is emerging as the Aaron Hernandez of the Ravens. An undrafted TE in most traditional fantasy leagues, he is eating up opposing defenses with his 6’ 4” 245 lbs frame. More than 2/3rds of his snaps come when he is lined up as a WR. He has been targeted 31 times and has more catches than the next highest receiver has targets. He is the MAN. Pitta has 18 rec for 188 yds to go with 2 TDs and has been as consistent as any receiver in the NFL.

Dannell Ellerbe, ILB

Ellerbe plays beside the great one each game and watches and learns. At only 6’1” 240, it is
his speed and pursuit that makes him a force to be reckoned with. Coming off a monster
game where his pressure on Brady changed the game with his 1.5 sacks and 8 solo tackles. He
should be counted on to do damage to the Cleveland OL and be in on tons of Trent Richardson tackles.

Ed Reed, FS

With interceptions in each of the first two games and 7 tackles last game, Reed continues to be statistically one of the games’ elite players. The 34 year old veteran has patrolled centerfield for the Ravens for years giving vicious hits to anyone who crosses the middle. Nursing a hamstring injury means you want to keep him out in quarter 1, but if he is fine, it is late in the game when Reed reads the QB and delivers his picks.

Here is the shocker. Even though we are predicting a Ravens blow out, there is one offensive player that could be important all game. There are also a couple of non-household names in this one on the defensive side of the ball who will pile up tackles on Rice when they fall behind.

Trent Richardson, RB

Richardson is the leading receiver and the leading rusher. He has more catches than any other player on the Browns. With 175 yds rushing and 3 total TDs, it is easy to rely on the only weapon this offense has especially early in the game when they will be trying to establish the run.

D’Qwell Jackson, LB
D’Qwell has one of the best names in football and is a road warrior. With 3 sacks on the road at Cincy in week 2 and 14 total tackles plus assists, he can help you statistically like he helps his team. He also had a pick in Week 1. No one on the Browns is a juggernaut so if you need to find a play, the University of Maryland product is your man.

TJ Ward, SS

TJ Ward’s ability to hit hard and intimidate is fueled by a feisty intense attitude. With 24 tackles plus assists, he is among the league leaders and displays the courage to hit hard in the middle of the field. Injuries plagued him last season and he swears he is 100% and it shows. Only one sack off the edge so far, but look for him to come a lot while Flacco and the Ravens run their new no huddle.

That is all for tonight. In blowouts, we can make the games more fun to watch with InGamer. So, HAVE FUN. Don’t overthink. Play the players you want to root for and those that you think will do the best.

So pick the place to watch the game. Grab your friends. Get the beer. AND….get in a blowout, Quoth the Ravens Nevermore with…INGAMER.

Rick Wolf is a consultant, player, radio host and writer in Fantasy Sports who with Glenn Colton has won 6 major expert titles in the last 10 years. Wolf started the Fantasy Sports Division at CBS Sports in 1996 and transformed Rotoworld.com in 2002 to be bought by NBCU in 2006.  Wolf is a founding board member of the FSTA, acted as its chairman from 2002-2006 and was elected to the FSTA Hall of Fame in 2011.  Wolf also co-hosts a popular radio show on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio – Colton and The Wolfman.  He can be found on Twitter @RickWolf1.

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