I'm Going to Watch the Jets Play at MetLife Stadium!

As I sat at home enjoying the return of the glorious pigskin, I couldn't help but feel compelled by the energy of MetLife Stadium. The New York Giants stormed out of the gates and onto the field to a boisterous capacity of 82,500; a field still so new but so highly appointed it will be the home of the Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014. As the defending champs made their way to the line of scrimmage I thought, 'wow it must be so crazy in there, everyone's having a blast!'. My guy must have been thinking the same thing because a minute later he asked me how I felt about a trip to the Big Apple.

Initially I knew this was a silly idea that would ultimately end up as a joke about our finances, but I knew Porter Airlines always had sales going on and if the flight was right, it just might. But alas, the prices were a tad too high. Well, maybe not a tad, but a tonne. $1200 for two people round trip just wasn't in the budget for us this weekend, especially if that didn't include the cost of accommodations and game tickets. Minutes later after a quick expedia search we found our golden tickets... two direct flights, round trip from Toronto for $500!!! And yes, that includes the taxes. I swindled us a room at a boutique hotel for a reasonable rate (not reasonable enough to mention though!) and our game tickets are $35 less than face value, saving us $70 instantly. The plane leaves tomorrow night!!!!

So overall this is a huge score - not only do I get to visit New York, New York and do some strong Canadian dollar shopping, I get to support my guy and his favourite team too! At this point in time, I'd also like to express a squeal of excitement to watch two highly anticipated quarterbacks take to the field: Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow... Not to mention Mario Williams in a Bills suit! With a divisional game on the line this game should have everyone hungry... hopefully Rex Ryan's new weight loss doesn't get the best of him. 

Stay tuned for my adventure... in a few short weeks it's UFC 152!!


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