NFL Countdown - Summer Special!

There's 16 or so days before the NFL kickoff and I've been heavily preparing for the season ahead. From mock drafts to injury reports to football recipes there will be no Sunday, Monday or Thursday left unattended to. So in anticipation for the big day, here are some noteworthy field markers:
  • Andrew Luck is looking good:
The first overall pick in this year's draft has played two pre-season games with the Colts and has shown his grit early- From a ripping of the Rams where he completed 10 of 16 passes for 188 yards and two touchdowns, to a slow start in Steel town in which the Colts trailed 14-0, Luck is ready to prove he can recover from interceptions and can run the ball in himself if need be. While the 26-24 loss is no biggie in the pre-season, the experience is going to be invaluable to Luck in the regular season, as the new-look team try to improve on last year's 2-14 record. 
  • Peyton and Eli - The Next Chapter
Speaking of the Colts, Peyton Manning is back!!! No longer in the usual white and blue combo that adorned his physique for over a decade, Peyton will return to the field after a full year away due to neck surgery. Watching him play in navy and orange (as a member of the Broncos) will be very uncomfortable.. but it will be even more now that his baby bro has officially surpassed him as the  "more rings Manning". It's just too bad these guys don't play each other in the regular season, and the Colts and Broncos don't play each other either! Ah well, at least we can still compare stats! And who knows.. playoffs maybe?
  • If Jacksonville's Chad Henne can't find a spot on the roster at least he's got a chance on the Food Network!
Two years ago I was watching Rachael Ray's daytime talk show and then Miami quarterback Chad Henne was on preparing a meal! What I love about this lady is not only can she cook incredible meals in under thirty minutes, she's also pro-sports so she'll feature football finger foods and Super Bowl snacks. Football + food = heaven!  Chad Henne shares his tips on how to prepare a delicious filet mignon, but not how to throw an interception! Be sure to check out other NFL worthy meals by guys like Garrett Hartley and grill testing with Victor Cruz!  Find out what this Super Bowl winning wide receiver dislikes most about the BBQ.
  • The Saints SANS Coach Sean Peyton and all the drama that surrounds this squad
If you forgot about if for a brief second, welcome back to 'Bountygate'; the land of the Saints' woes where over the course of the off-season lost they their General Manager, head coach, defensive co-ordinator, players, draft picks, lots of money and even more respect. But they've still got Drew Brees! Pheew! In the countless mock drafts I've been harvesting this month he's still a Top 10 or 11 pick and is projected to have a stellar year (would you disagree with that?). Just don't forget to shut your mouth Jonathan Vilma! If you type in 'bounty' in's search bar, you'll arrive here, and see this many results. The over/under is 170 articles related.
  • All the new faces!
With Peyton playing for the Broncos just one of the many exciting moves that have occurred this off-season, here's just a brief reminder of some other guys in new gigs.

Tim Tebow - New York Jets
LaRon Landry - New York Jets
Mario Williams - Buffalo Bills
Peyton Hillis - Kansas City Chiefs
Brandon Marshall - Chicago Bears
Mario Manningham - San Francisco 49ers
Randy Moss - San Francisco 49ers
Vincent Jackson - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
LaGarrette Blount - Tampa Bay Buccaneers


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