What to Do on A Sports Free Day

Sports widows, it's the day you've been waiting for... a day free from sports! No baseball, no hockey, no football or basketball... A day of freedom and a night of excitement! I've compiled a short list of things to do on this most silent day in sports, and I think you need to make a big noise to make sure at least one of them gets done.

1. Catch up on your shows
I recall watching the first episode of the Newsroom, which was awesome, but I haven't had to time to catch up on the last two episodes. Now is the perfect opportunity to do a marathon for any series you've been slacking on including Game of Thrones, True Blood or Criminal Minds. If you have some outlandish faves on the PVR that you wouldn't mind subjecting your partner to, like say Four Weddings, Four Houses, the Bachelorette or Say Yes to the Dress, time for couch potato payback and the constant reminders of the OT's that went down that past post-season.

2. Go to the Driving Range
You're kidding right? Nope! There may not be any sports on, but it doesn't mean you can't get out there and enjoy a night out! Whether it be something as simple as mini-putt or batting cages, sports-themed dates can be exhilarating for everyone involved. I get it, you're sick of bats, balls, pucks and punts but by doing something with a competitive edge means there can be a lofty reward at the end. Ice cream and massage much?

3. Go to the Spa
You can remind your partner that after every game athletes get the royal treatment with massages, steam baths and plenty of health inspired techniques that can loosen up a player for the next game. Got toxins? So does Derek Jeter and since you're both off tonight you should treat yourself to a nice epson salt bath. Aromatherapy candles? Cucumber slices on the eyes? I'll have a couple of those too.

4. Eat like a Champion 
If you're thinking of going out for dinner tonight, make no attempts to visit the sports bar. There's no point! Tonight is the night where you go eat at that gorgeous new Italian restaurant that opened a few months ago, or try the Brazilian Steakhouse down the street. In the mood for steak or sushi? With a rare day like today to balance both your schedules, I'm thinking Surf n' Turf is the way to go. Gotta celebrate in style right? Take your time with the meal, there's no rush to catch anything on Sportscenter. So now you can finally have your cake and eat it too, desert has never been so sweet!

5. Spend Time with your Family
And when I say family, I don't mean football family of Packer Nation or  the brothers on the Vancouver Canucks. I'm talking about those kids and relatives you've been neglecting since the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs and the parties you've missed out on for Sunday golf. Take the kids to the park, the public pool, the movie theatres... do a double with the Avengers and Spider Man and put some fantasy back into your reality (baseball leagues not included). Hit up the Drive In or the bookstore... go for ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Do the things the others want to do, as your partner's been quite selfish for as many sports seasons as you can remember.

On a day like today, grab the basket by the balls and don't let go until they're out of air. It's like an eclipse, a thing of beauty only enhanced by its rarity. Take advantage of today as another one like this may not happen for a very long time.


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