What the All Star Game Means to an Expos Fan

There's a chilling reminder at the halfway point of every season that I don't have a baseball team to cheer for and my love for the game is all that's left. If only the sport of baseball weren't so beautiful and perfectly balanced I could possibly cut ties with the MLB altogether. I could cast away all my dislike for what they (more specifically Bud) did to my team, my beloved team and to my city, and keep things casual like an ex-boyfriend turned friend.

But no, instead it's a scornful searing pain to see happy athletes represent their cities and snap photos with the fans, to see their families gushing with excitement and pride. It hurts me to know it's been almost ten years since the Expos last played a major league game and that it was a big part of my life growing up. The All Star game is perfect if you have a team to cheer for, gut wrenching if you don't. I wasn't too keen on pledging my love to the Nationals so quickly but I'll say they are my favourite team in the league. With four players representing DC it's pretty clear their roster is on the rise. It's all jealousy though, knowing these kids in the stands have something to beam about while I rot into the dark abyss that is my living room. I'm bitter, I'm jealous and I'm lonely; I see some Blue Jays get on there, some Canadian talent, but no Expos. I have no alliances with the Blue Jays.

These are the feelings I have when I watch the All-Star game, sad but true. I can't help but watch though, like I said baseball is just too beautiful a sport to pass up. Once and a while I would see former 'Spos represent their new teams which was heart warming, but I'm pretty sure all those players are near retired or completely off the All Star radar. While I watch the fun and games of the festivities be passed around, I can't help but say when it gets to me, it stops.


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