Top 4 Holidays Ruined by Sports!

Just when you thought you could finally relax, kick your feet back and enjoy a great day off or even a national holiday, professional sports comes knocking at your door like an unwanted water heater salesman offering something your loved one just can't turn down. In honour of Independence Day to our neighbours of the South, here are the Top 4 Sports Holidays that Ruin your Holidays.

4. Labour Day
Aptly spelled 'Labor Day' by our neighbours, this first Monday in September is a time for all hard working Americans to enjoy a day of rest. Celebrated as the symbolic end of summer and a motion to no longer wear white, it's even more celebrated as the start of the football season. With NCAA teams taking to the field the week before and the NFL starting a few days later, the tossing of the pigskin means there will be no days of rest, especially on Sunday. So if you're attached to a guy who drafts a fantasy team every year, get him out to the beach one last time before the gridiron grip is unshakeable.

3. Memorial Day
While this weekend is meant for remembering the men and women who died while serving the United States Armed Forces, it's also a day for remembering just how much Americans also love sports. While the weather outside is no longer frightful, the schedule for the sports day is; with the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 going on all afternoon, that's more lap dances than all of Magic Mike and the only skin you see is in the stands! If you can't bear to be inside during the weekend, there's plenty of baseball games going on across the country if you can make it to a ballpark.... just be lucky the days of Memorial Day Double Headers are extinct; yup, there used to be two ballgames in one day. End of May is also prime NBA and NHL playoff action (I'm sure you can remember), so try as you might but if you want to avoid sports completely, you're better off making your own plans.

2. Christmas Day
The turkey is in the oven, the presents have been wrapped and the house smells of gingerbread and pine. The kids are on a sugar rush while you prepare in near panic the remainder of the fiesta to come. Where is your partner? Out back chopping wood for the fire? Cleaning the bathrooms? Nope, he's on the couch watching basketball's annual 'Way to Ruin Christmas' double, sometimes even triple header. The NBA is so sneaky they purposely put together the best possible matchups of the year so that you can't possibly miss the action. Lakers vs. Celtics? Check. Heat vs. Knicks at MSG? Check. While the eventful day has drawn criticism from even its own players and coaches, ratings show the Christmas spirit brings in the most viewers during the regular season, a sure sign this tradition is going nowhere fast.

1. Thanksgiving
If you're a sports widow, on this day you can thank sports for absolutely nothing. Well that's not true, you can thank sports for keeping your family close to the television set while you slave away at a feast that will be overlooked by a fumble. Football and Thanksgiving go hand in hand like chips and dip or baked potatoes and sour cream, so don't get all fussy at the thought of it reigning supreme every year. Since your partner was a child it's been as traditional as apple pie and you'll never get your fair slice. Just be thankful if your partner is not a Lions or Cowboys fan; the Detroit and Dallas teams are a staple to the festivities and will remain on the calendar of events probably forever.


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