Let the Games Begin! How to be Part of the Olympics

For those not athletic enough to qualify in the London 2012 Summer Games but still want to be involved... 

Follow this game and you're sure to make a boat load of international friends! It's a good thing they have Visa Ad under "Take a Drink" and not "Take a Shot" or this game would be over quickly! 

If you want to sport some sweet athletic apparel to proudly represent your country, check out some of these official outfitter looks!


Here are the links for their online shops:
And since the opening ceremony is in just a few hours, let's look back at some of the awful national outfits to come and some from the past!
Team Spain will be debut this look today!!!!
 This look is from Team Australia's 2004 Summer Collection... Yuck!
And this atrocity is from the Beijing 2008 Olympics... Dressed by HBC, I don't think I ever expected Canadians to look this sloppy!
But some countries do have a sophisticated and modern take on their designs so bravo to the 2012 collections from Serbia, Germany and Switzerland! 

Team Russia and China... not so much! 

And finally, I'll reminisce on my favourite of all Olympic outfits, the Team Canada 1998 Winter Games look for Nagano, Japan, designed by Roots. Anyone else remember this hat and how popular it was??

Enjoy the games!!


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