Let the Games Begin! How to be Part of the Olympics

For those not athletic enough to qualify in the London 2012 Summer Games but still want to be involved... 

Follow this game and you're sure to make a boat load of international friends! It's a good thing they have Visa Ad under "Take a Drink" and not "Take a Shot" or this game would be over quickly! 

If you want to sport some sweet athletic apparel to proudly represent your country, check out some of these official outfitter looks!


Here are the links for their online shops:
And since the opening ceremony is in just a few hours, let's look back at some of the awful national outfits to come and some from the past!
Team Spain will be debut this look today!!!!
 This look is from Team Australia's 2004 Summer Collection... Yuck!
And this atrocity is from the Beijing 2008 Olympics... Dressed by HBC, I don't think I ever expected Canadians to look this sloppy!
But some countries do have a sophisticated and modern take on their designs so bravo to the 2012 collections from Serbia, Germany and Switzerland! 

Team Russia and China... not so much! 

And finally, I'll reminisce on my favourite of all Olympic outfits, the Team Canada 1998 Winter Games look for Nagano, Japan, designed by Roots. Anyone else remember this hat and how popular it was??

Enjoy the games!!


The UFC is a Class Act

They throw hard punches, wild kicks, bleed from the temples and talk a lot of trash, but the UFC is a class act as both a form of entertainment and a professional business. At the UFC 152 press conference yesterday at Massey Hall in downtown Toronto (which was open to the public), we the media and the fans were treated to a very interactive opportunity to talk, meet and greet with the upcoming fighters. 

Games We Play: A sports blog for girls: A quick thought on the NCAA sanctions against Penn...

Games We Play: A sports blog for girls: A quick thought on the NCAA sanctions against Penn...: Well done. While the penalties the NCAA imposed on Penn State this morning may seem harsh to some - $60 million in fines to be put toward ...

This sums up how I feel about the whole controversy! Thanks Mary Ellen!

Is America Ready for the CFL?

It has just been announced by league commissioner Mark Cohon that NBC Sports Network will be airing CFL games live on their channel in the USA. Starting August 27th nine regular season games will be broadcast to the masses, followed by East and West Division semifinals and the final. This year is the 100th Anniversary of the Grey Cup, and coverage will also include the Labour Day Classic doubleheader.

There are some obvious concerns and questions regarding how Americans will react to Canadian football, and one could be as simple as grammar. With our way of spelling words like "Grey" and "Labour", a literate yet ignorant American somewhere will notice these discrepancies and throw the whole sport out the window. With one less down and a bigger end zone, the fans will be able to recognize right away the player size difference between the NFL and the CFL. More importantly, will Americans care? With the dominance of college football and the NFL, part of me wonders if there's even space for a new kind of game?
I'm glad an American network and an exclusively Canadian sport can have business together; it will give our neighbours (notice the "u") down south a chance to see a Canadian culture outside of hockey. It also shows that the CFL brand is on the rise as it closes what is in my opinion a very successful deal and opportunity. Hopefully there will be some good establishing shots of our country in the broadcast, which could stimulate tourism to the football arteries like Calgary and Saskatchewan. Toronto, host city for the Grey Cup will also be recognizable for American football fans, as the Buffalo Bills have an ongoing contract with the Rogers Centre (notice the "re") to play games in Canada. 

I want to know what you think of the CFL in the USA... will it be a bust? A hit? Leave your comments I'm looking forward to reading them!


“Poker is like Marriage; Never put yourself in a Tempting Position.”

Lawrence Rabie has been playing poker for 25 years, which is longer than Pius Heinz (pictured), Jonathan Duhamel and Joe Cada, the most recent winners of the World Series of Poker Main Event have been on this planet. Also known as the Prez, he’s seen the game go from highly inaccessible underground clubs to a ‘can’t escape’ online community, where having your hands in multiple pots leads the way. Regardless of the cultural change, Lawrence believes the next hand waits for nobody, so always mitigate your losses.

J:    What are your thoughts on online tournaments versus in-person tourneys?
Prez: Playing online is the worst. Here’s the problem with it and why it’s changed: You sign in and there’s 100 tourneys starting in an hour. There are 1000 people in each tourney and some enter six at a time, so they’ll play an extremely aggressive style. Patience is long gone. If they got knocked out they just move on, leaving them in one tourney, probably with a lot of chips. In the Bahamas you fly out there, get your chips and play patiently. If you don’t play patiently you’re out on the beach. Kids do well nowadays because there aren’t 100 people in the event, there’s thousands.

I'm Going to UFC 152!

I got my UFC VIP Pass, the tickets go on sale as early as next week, and it'll be about a two month wait before I arrive in Toronto for UFC 152! My first live UFC. With the confirmation that Demetrius 'Mighty Mouse' Johnson will be taking on Joseph Benavidez in the first Flyweight title fight, this 125 lbs showdown is a solid replacement for the devastating loss of the Junior Dos Santos versus Cain Velasquez heavyweight title fight which is being moved to Brazil. Follow me as I prepare for the exciting day!

What to Do on A Sports Free Day

Sports widows, it's the day you've been waiting for... a day free from sports! No baseball, no hockey, no football or basketball... A day of freedom and a night of excitement! I've compiled a short list of things to do on this most silent day in sports, and I think you need to make a big noise to make sure at least one of them gets done.

1. Catch up on your shows
I recall watching the first episode of the Newsroom, which was awesome, but I haven't had to time to catch up on the last two episodes. Now is the perfect opportunity to do a marathon for any series you've been slacking on including Game of Thrones, True Blood or Criminal Minds. If you have some outlandish faves on the PVR that you wouldn't mind subjecting your partner to, like say Four Weddings, Four Houses, the Bachelorette or Say Yes to the Dress, time for couch potato payback and the constant reminders of the OT's that went down that past post-season.

What the All Star Game Means to an Expos Fan

There's a chilling reminder at the halfway point of every season that I don't have a baseball team to cheer for and my love for the game is all that's left. If only the sport of baseball weren't so beautiful and perfectly balanced I could possibly cut ties with the MLB altogether. I could cast away all my dislike for what they (more specifically Bud) did to my team, my beloved team and to my city, and keep things casual like an ex-boyfriend turned friend.

Why You Can't Miss UFC 148

Chael Patrick Sonnen. This guy carries as much mouth as he does weight, guaranteed. 185 lbs of verbal and physical abuse, this Oregon native needs the rematch win against Anderson Silva so badly a loss could run him out of town forever. In 2010 after nearly five rounds of pure domination, just two minutes separated Sonnen from the UFC middleweight belt. Silva, often considered one of the greatest fighters of all time turned things around when he managed to get Sonnen in an arm bar, forcing him to tap out and lose the fight in the final round. While Silva is preparing for his record setting 10th title defense, he's had to defend himself in the meantime from a verbal onslaught by Sonnen. Here are some of his more famous quotes:

Top 4 Holidays Ruined by Sports!

Just when you thought you could finally relax, kick your feet back and enjoy a great day off or even a national holiday, professional sports comes knocking at your door like an unwanted water heater salesman offering something your loved one just can't turn down. In honour of Independence Day to our neighbours of the South, here are the Top 4 Sports Holidays that Ruin your Holidays.

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