Sports for Singles

With only three games remaining in the Euro 2012 tournament and a month or so away from the London Summer Olympic Games, now's the perfect time to get your international grove on and meet some new and exciting people! Here are some tips...

Be at the Right Place at the Right Time
If you're thinking what I'm thinking, being at an English Pub is a solid place to be during the London Games. They should serve as an international common ground for foreigners and natives alike to proudly represent their country. If you're into certain cultures, don't be shy about ordering a drink while the TV is on in another language, you're still a customer and they'd like to have your business. As long as you cheer when they cheer, and boo when they boo you'll fit right in. Don't forget...drinks all around for a Gold medal!

Create a challenge or Make a Wager
You don't always have to be the ally, if you want to and tread carefully, you can be the sexy enemy. Don't make a big deal about your belief system; in rival territory you'll always be dead wrong. So to make things more interesting with a gal or guy you've just met, make a friendly sports wager or two throughout the game. A beer to the one who's country scores first, or a shot for every false start. Little wagers can go a long way and the anticipation is the best part.

Look Good, but not Too Good
Sports attire is not about suits or ties or high heels, it's about feeling great as you cheer on your team. It's not a fashion show, it's a relay, so relax, let your hair down and soak up the sun on a local sports patio. Some fans will even paint their faces and don flags as capes, so the dress code is by no means fancy. Team jerseys, patriotic colours and summer dresses or cute shorts are usually safe bets to turn heads, but keep in mind dressing provocatively will get you some attention.

Drink Responsibly
It's a lot harder than it sounds. A major social aspect of watching sports is the food and drink that accompanies a good game. The turnout of the game can easily effect the amount of alcohol consumed by one in denial or out-of-body joy. So be weary of your alcohol consumption and don't forget to grab some water once and a while. It may be fun to be the "drunk person" at first, but in just a matter of time it won't be funny to anyone but you.

Be Yourself
So cheesy, I know but it works! If you act like you're a sports connoisseur and you're not, you may be called out by someone who can sense a liar in the midst - embarrassing! Maybe point out that you're not really that into soccer or swimming, and you're here to enjoy the unity of sport. Console them if they lose and congratulate them if they win, but remember to strike when the moment is high, so that the reward is even higher.


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