Recovering with Sports

I got to say I was pretty ill last week (hence the lack of posts), but if there is any better way to recover from anything that's been hankering you lately -whether it be an injury, hangover or a flu, sports on Sunday always does the trick. Something about watching people push themselves to physical and mental limits while you whine about water and food temperatures just makes the end results always extra rewarding. I could barely relax all week despite being quite immobile, missing out on fully indulging myself in Stanley Cup finals hockey and NBA conference final dramas, due to the frequent use and effects of Gravol and other medical substances. But by Sunday morning I was starting to smell the fresh air in France, and by the 16th hole of the Memorial I was back in full swing.

Don't know why, but watching golf and tennis are just so relaxing. I mean, so is baseball if you have the patience, but sometimes it can be tedious with a long schedule to look forward to. Golf on the other hand,  is not played every day. Neither is tournament tennis. These sports take pride in instances of glory in the form of a Major or a Grand Slam, where a couple times a year the world's best come together to compete. The Memorial isn't one of them, but when the roar of Tiger rumbles through the course yesterday like it did so many years ago, any tour win with Woods involved makes it a Major for everyone else playing.

A day-long couch adventure is always worth it when you've got low energy and athletes seek high reward. Didn't you ever wonder why the NFL is primarily on Sundays? It also happens to have one of the shortest seasons ever with just 16 games. Just throw in a couple clouds and a potential BBQ and you've got the best recovery day ever! Sunday is always about focus - focus on getting your strength back for work on Monday and more games to come Monday night.

I am certain the next Sunday I'm down and out, some athlete will be on the ball and doing every bit to make me feel better. So thanks for the memories!


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