The NHL has ruined Canada Day!

July 1st. Canada Day. This day is meant to be one of relaxation and mid-day intoxication. But the NHL has screwed us. They have taken a day meant to be one when we tune-out, tune-in to The HIP and find a lake to jump in, to one where making sure we’re near a radio at Noon (or a phone with push notifications) overwhelms any ability to just hang-out.

Listen, I love FA Frenzy, and hearing breaking news about big time player signings that shift the NHLs power structure…on paper anyway. But please pay some respect to the most passionate of all Hockey Fans and move FA Frenzy to July 2nd. That would give Canadians TWO holidays in a row every year.

Note: yes, yes there are passionate hockey fans outside of Canada, but nowhere else is it the 1st descriptor that comes to mind when you think about a country. 

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