Euro Cup 2012

Canadians may not be as involved with soccer as the rest of the world, but when it comes to representing the various countries that take part in this year's EuroCup 2012, the culture definitely comes alive! We've already seen them set up shop those flag dealers, at street corners and abandoned retail spaces all over the country... they'll probably make a killing throughout the duration of the tourney. Why? Because nothing beams brighter than national pride in the game of sport, more importantly, the game of soccer. Whether it be Portugal, Germany, Russia or England... Canada has a home for them all. With big districts like Little Italy present in cities like Montreal and Toronto, and prevalent German communities in places like Kitchener, Ontario, home of the largest Oktoberfest in the country, it's not hard to spot a homer when the breeze is going strong on the highway.

But do they all know what they're talking about? Do these folks know the mid fielders and the attackers that man the fort called Team Poland? Or Team Spain? Maybe, but there's a higher probability they're just in it for the glory. Good for them! Throwing yourself into the action is what makes soccer fun and in my opinion, tolerable. It's always more intriguing when you have something or someone to cheer for. Dig into your ancestral history and I'm sure there's a touch of Euro in there somewhere. My family hails from the Philippines, a country not known for elite athleticism; obviously height and size factor into that reason - that was until Manny Pacquiao came along (he's fighting tomorrow so best of luck!!!). And while Filipinos don't stand a chance on the soccer pitch, there's always that long winded story about how the country was discovered by the Spaniards, who ruled the place for over 500 years. So I guess that means I root for Spain? It tends to be my default country but this time around I'm going with Portugal. I've watched enough soccer to know the Portuguese are choke artists, and this time I think they may just come through.

Either way it's going to be a blast if you decide to take in the Euro Cup festivities - beers will be flowing, paint will be liberal and horns will be honking... so don't miss you out on the action or you'll be just another soccer hater.


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