The Cup is In the Building

The last time the Los Angeles Kings were this close to the Stanley Cup, they lost to the Montreal Canadiens. I know I know, why am I mentioning the Habs right now? Is it because I'm clinging to the only bright memory that surrounds my favourite hockey team, as they blow the candle on yet another poor coaching decision? Is it because I can safely say the Habs were the last Canadian team to lift the Cup and I can use that for as long as the Hockey Gods let me? Yes, it's a combination of both - internal affairs shame, and national letdown from every other Canadian NHL franchise. Moving along however, the Kings will not face the same fate as before and will in fact reign supreme on a ridiculously dominant playoff performance. 

They've only lost 2 games and are unbeaten on the road. They've got the Devils by the horns and checkmate is around the corner. Goalie Jonathan Quick has the highest save percentage (.950) with the lowest goals against average (1.36), making him nearly invincible. They are the 8th seed and have never won the Stanley Cup in their 45-year history. They closed out all six of New Jersey's power plays in Game #3 and are the most impressive team I've seen to date... and possibly ever. They came from nowhere and manhandled everybody.

It is never meant to be easy to win a championship of the highest calibre, but the Kings are putting a new crown on the word Champion. The Lakers, the Celtics, the Habs, Yankees and the Steelers have never made such a dominant push to the title the way the Kings of L.A are doing right now. It is epic, monstrous, game-changing; monumental for sport. Take notice of what you witness, a feast for the eyes; three rounds of 3-0 leads and the possibility of back-to-back sweeps. Brooms will be bought all over the city today, and the town will be exposed to something new. Something so shiny even Hollywood will clamour and non hockey fans will be in awe. Next season there will be a new following of fans, and everyone will know who the Kings are. Not the Sacramento Kings, not the Kings of Comedy, but the Los Angeles Kings, kings of the hockey world.


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