Why NOT to Date an Athlete

Shame on Terrell Owens and any professional athletes who father children and then refuse to be a part of their lives. After watching yesterday's episode of Dr. Phil, I've come to the realization that some athletes, no matter how talented and entertaining, can be selfish, hurtful people. The message needs to be clear to both parents that when they bring a child into the world, planned or not, it's not money that is the most important form of child support- it's love. 

Owens, a six time NFL All-Star for multiple teams like the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, has four children with 4 different women. The often outspoken athlete admitted on Dr. Phil that he has seen his seven year old daughter only 12 times in her lifetime, and that it's been probably over a year since he last saw his other daughter. One of the mothers claims  Owens exploited his own son for publicity. He doesn't call them on their birthdays, he does not send them Christmas gifts, but he says he's willingly given each of his baby mommas at times up to $20,000 a month in child support. This is where I get really annoyed because for normal everyday people, even $10,000 a month is more than enough to support a single mother and child. I figure it's got to be about maintaining a certain lifestyle, otherwise who really goes through that much flow in a month? Money, even in large amounts is not nearly as valuable as having a relationship with your children, and I'm a little upset Dr. Phil didn't go harder on T.O until the very end. 

Growing up Terrell had his own daddy issues, as he explained his father never went to watch him play any sports growing up and that he was raised by his grandmother. I get that it hurt him but that is not an excuse to inflict the same message to his children. Nobody should subject their offspring to the hurtful emotions they had as a child, as it will cause way more harm than good. It's obvious the mothers of his children are bitter towards him, rightfully so, but to use money as a main leverage to keep contact is almost just as selfish. The NFL stands for not for long and this golden goose is done laying eggs. All that's left is the reality that the only victims are the children.

There's always a mysterious air that surround shows like this, as they tend to exploit the people involved for their own ratings gain. In fact, I'm almost positive this show happened because all three parties had something to gain - Owens seeing as he is nearly broke, his babby mommas, seeing as they want justice, and Dr. Phil, seeing as it is May "sweeps" period, the final batch of original content before a summer of reruns. Either way, it was good to see in the rolling end credits Owens spend time with his two daughters - here's to hoping it lasts. I was lucky enough to have a great father raise me and my sisters in my childhood, and when the time comes, I hope everyone is ready to take responsibility for their actions and do so with love.


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