While the Women Talk

"While the Men Watch" is a cultural curveball that's gotten a lot of people swinging lately. If you haven't heard of this relatively new venture, it is two women who provide an alternative play-by-play and colour commentary to live sports. The CBC has added their voices to Hockey Night in Canada for the Stanley Cup Finals in an attempt to rally a specific audience. Their opinions will be streamed online. The thing about these women is they know nearly nothing about sports, nor are they willing to learn. The only reason they put up with sports is because they are married to sports-crazed men. Instead of leaving the house and doing something independent, they stay home with their men and try to make it entertaining for themselves. They talk about outfits, facial hair, athlete physique and attractiveness to pass the periods away. 

I am not at all offended by the content these women provide, as I understand there is an audience who can relate to their struggles and will find their musings very funny. Lots of women don't like sports but love shoes, and this is their demographic (I just happen to be one that loves both!).  I find it endearing that they laced up their skates and 'took one for the team' in an attempt to be closer with their partners and not be willingly left out. What I am concerned about is the judgement call that brings this show to a national audience. It is borderline embarrassing yet could be a possible success, if these women really watch what they say. With their valley girl personalities it will only take one or two games for the public to decide if this is a home run idea or if CBC got caught stealing home. The move has offended women sports fans from all over the country, as the stereotype that women can't be true sports fans gets thrown into question when paired alongside the stereotype that most women don't like sports.

Here's my say: If you don't like sports, you just don't and it may not ever be something you'll get into. Adding frilly non-sports related commentary may help someone become interested in the broadcast, but it will not encourage them to follow the sport. This is where the CBC messed up as it will not increase their overall value as a sports destination; it utterly contradicts their commitment to quality. If you do like sports, then you will just listen to regular commentary and should not waste your time with the alternative; listening to it may cause you to break things. Also, if you're a woman who likes sports consider yourself even more attractive now that this story has come out. Some guys want their women to know sports while others would rather have that time to themselves or with friends so they don't have to explain everything. Just being true to yourself and knowing you could watch sports with your man, alone or with oblivious people means there's no need to be bothered by this and just enjoy the game.


ps. I didn't last very long in the poker tournament the other day. I tried to be a little too aggressive with a lot of casual players and got smoked by a donkey and then knocked out by a wiz. Why did I have to be seated at the table with the one guy who knows all about the Full Tilt scandal while everyone else asks if a flush is better than a straight or what the fourth card on the board is. Ugghh!!! Next time I'll dumb myself down a bit and try not to act like I'm in the WSOP.

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