What to Wear to a Sporting Event

As I was perusing my daily internet faves of the sports and entertainment scene- a ritual I find very relaxing and cerebrally satisfying, I stumbled upon an image that sent shivers down my spine and got me thinking of how I could help the everyday woman. Once in a while whether you like sports or not, you'll get invited to attend a basketball/football/baseball game with no way out. Here's a tip on dressing for the rare occasion and regardless how famous you are or how attractive you want to be... there's no way anyone should be wearing this to a basketball game- Hollywood or Madison Square Garden. ------------------->

If you haven't heard the Los Angeles Lakers are the top ticket in California sports, as they're located in Hollywood and attract of load of regular celebrities. They're also pretty good having won five Championships since 2000, not to mention their storied history dating back to the early 70's. When you go to sporting events, you still want to look good, but not overdone and uncomfortable; the game may go into triple overtime or 15 innings. The faces that sit court side may ooze celebrity status, but don't try to emulate them all as you may find yourself to be the village idiot at the Palace of Auburn Hills

1. It's all about the COLOURS
 Just by sporting the colours of the team you are going to watch, you've already made yourself a part of the game and set yourself apart from the 'Visitors'. Sure you can wear neutrals or black, but there's a strong chance you won't get any emotional reaction from other fans and you'll be lacklustre in the crowd. Simple splashes can do the trick too - take Khloe Kardashian for example. The wife of former Laker Lamar Odom turned Dallas Maverick has been seen toting a blue Birken... to replace the yellow one she had last season.

2. Looking good, feeling GREAT!
It's okay to be a little dressy at a sporting event, especially if it's your personality and you can downplay the look with some casual pieces. I don't recommend you wear a tight dress or any dress for that matter, but if you must then please don't wear heels. Anything clearly over the top screams 'high maintenance sports hater/I hope I get on the jumbotron'. If you're a girl who can't go anywhere without heels, rock on! But pair them with skinny jeans and a loose shirt so you still get that casually sexy look. Hint for the weary: arena floors can get sticky like at the movie theatre, so unless you're court side there's no guarantee your Louboutins will remain dainty.

3. Rip'em with Ball Caps
Sometimes the last thing you want to do is dress up for a sporting event, especially if you're coming from out of town or you're still hungover from last night. Sometimes you couldn't care less that you're even going, so fixing your hair is barely conceivable. If that's the case roll with the 'laid back' look, ripped jeans, sweat pants, tear-aways - a favourite at outdoor stadiums. Be sure to don the team's cap and some sunglasses so you come off as that "maybe she's a celebrity trying to be on the down low" kinda girl. 

4. Easier than a Slam Dunk
If you're still really confused as to what to wear but don't want to make any serious decisions, the easiest outfit to put together is already made for you! You just have to buy it. It's called a jersey and every athlete in every league has one. Different qualities of jerseys are available at medium to ridiculous costs, but it's a no brainer  that donning an active team's # puts you in the good books. Just make sure you don't wear the jersey of a player who left his team for greener pastures, or definitely try not to wear the opposing team's jersey unless you're ready to be heckled... If you're not into the boxy boy coloured looks, they have pink and white jerseys available along with some great apparel collections online. Just try not pair it with a pencil skirt and heels. Jeans, shorts, leggings... sure! But just so you know, guys dig girls in jerseys the same way girls dig guys in suits.

5. Things to AVOID
Try to keep the leather and lace at home or save it for the club. These things do not belong in the arena. Fur can also remain in the closet but if you're going to a hockey arena, you have a fair chance of keeping warm unless PETA happens to be in town. Then you better bring some extra cash for that jersey! Also, the professional look is a little too fancy, unless you're coming straight from work and want to be taken for as a suitcase-totting semi-sports fan who gets to go to games just for the clients and the company you work for. No one wants to be more dressed than baseball's umpire, who after years and years of dress pants, suit jackets and baseball caps is in desperate need of a wardrobe shakedown. 

While some sports have different dress codes like golf or certain horse racing events, these tips are great for the more common sporting event. I'll do another post eventually on what to wear to those things, when another celebrity ruffles my feathers the way Kim did this morning.


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