Hockey Mom

My mom was not a hockey mom; she was more of a baking mom. She would bake bread in the morning and by the time I got home from school it was ready, as the sweet scent of buns would make its way out the front window. I’ve heard stories about hockey moms though, and how they, like bread rise before the sun to provide enrichment and growth to their young children.

I envision hockey practice to be really cold and miserable, as I don’t see myself, any of my sisters or my mom crawling out of bed before 5:00 am on an icy Montreal morning to drag a body bag to the arena in exchange for hot cocoa. Maybe my dad would since he’s an early riser and activity nut, but judging by our love of Barbie dolls the only hockey we’d end up with as kids were the Mighty Ducks.  From what I’ve heard, others put their moms through the ringer in an attempt to tough out an NHL career. From practice to games to out of town tournaments to whatever else was necessary to keep the dream alive, mom was there. And now according to these Hockey Hall of Fame commercials I've been seeing lately, most hockey dreams die, so consider her wee-hour contributions to your busted career a true token of love and support.

If my assumptions are correct, being a hockey mom is extremely difficult to deal with. What with fast pucks,  occasional fighting and ‘to make or not make the cut’ just being necessary parts of the game, it's even more unfair that you litter her home with stinky equipment. And don’t even get me started on concussions in sports; it must have been a free for all back in the day! After watching the Washington Capitals force their way to consecutive Game 7’s, including grinding out a triple overtime loss along the way, I’ve seen Mrs. Holtby enough to know she’s had her fair share of heart troubles this past month, and over the course of Brayden’s hockey career.

There are some things your mom does for you that you remember all your life. For some, it will be her love of your game, and the process of watching her child turn into an athlete. For others it will be the taste of her food, and the love she put into making meals for the family. If you’re really lucky you had both, but to have just one, the other or something entirely different that you cherish dearly, means your love is special and at times it has carried you along the way.

So thank you mom, and Happy Mother’s Day,


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