Highest Score Tonight Wins a Vacation!

It's back!!! The second All Inclusive trip giveaway will be awarded to the InGamer with the highest score after tonight's Game 1 between the Devils and Rangers. Congrats to user Kando, who took down the first trip after a close race to the end. If only someone had picked Alex Ponikarovsky in the overtime frame, it could have changed things up drastically!

So to refresh those in need of a vacation, all you have to do is select the 5 athletes you think will have the best game on the ice. Everything gets accounted for in real time including hits, faceoff losses and takeaways, so each move will bring you closer and further away from the leaderboard... so chose wisely. By the end of each period you will get a chance to replace any athletes who aren't performing to your standards. If you'd like, pick one of your five athletes to be your team captain - he will receive double the points to get you ahead, but will also receive double negative points if he is having a bad night. He's in all game though, so risking it could be worth the reward, just ask Ilya Kovalchuck, a game time decision who ended up changing the game.

With over 300 participants in our first Feature Game, the odds are great for everyone who joins in tonight. High scores can contribute to tertiary prizes (valued at $500 cold hard cash) and if they're high enough, combining your two best scores can score you our 3rd All Inclusive trip giveaway. Some contests are so easy to play, signing up is often the hardest part! So rally your friends, partners and people who have been down in the dumps lately... winning tonight's trip is as easy as an empty netter and anyone can win!

I'll see you in the game...http://www.ingamer.com/


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