Battle Strategy for the Blue Skies

With the All-Inclusive Giveway going down in just 2 days, we all need to think wisely as Head Coaches in order to score the first of 3 trips. Now I'm no head coach, but I've tried a couple different strategies out to see if anything sticks. Here are the two biggest things that I noticed and may help you determine your lineup. 

1. To Captain or Not to Captain?

That is always a tough question. Since the Captain receives double the points in both positive and negative, the player you choose must be reliable. Since anyone could be the difference maker, the risk may be worth the reward if they do their job, so look at the scoring system and these tips before you select. 

  • Does this player need to make a bigger contribution to the team? If so he may be a wise choice.
  • Does this player get a lot of attention? Sometimes that could be a bad thing.
  • What strengths are you looking for in a Captain? A shot blocker and fighter? A faceoff winner and shot taker? A goalie who allows the fewest goals on the most shots?
2. The Intermission Mission

Switching up your lineup is a great option when you're watching the game, but it can come back to bite you. You've seen your picks play and now it's up to you to decide if you still like them, or have scouted someone better. Make sure you are confident with your switch before you b*tch!
  • How much time has your player spent on the ice? If he's tired he may have some bad giveaways.
  • What is the flow of the game? If the home team is down going into the 3rd period, it could be a good idea to put them in as they'll be taking a lot of shots to even it up. If you don't think they'll come back, put in the visiting goalie, he will be busy until the final whistle.
  • What if he's not consistent? Consistency is what being an athlete is all about, so if your player is having a bad 1st period, he definitely knows it. I try not to switch anyone until the 3rd period, but even that can be bad if the player suddenly decides to wake up. Have a heart, but don't be too soft. I'm always on the fence so I don't think I'm cut out to be a real Head Coach!
Sometimes I have more luck leaving my lineup as-is than I do when I change it. But sometimes changes must be made and the outcome is worth it! Just make sure you switch out players that have been injured or replaced (like the goalie) to ensure you don't waste points! Looking forward to announcing the winner and I'll see you in the game!


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