The Bachelor's Most Eligible Free Agent

The show 'The Bachelor' is a velvet bag of mixed nuts and studs that lots of people would prefer not to get their manicured hands in. I suppose that's fair, what with 2-hour episodes and overly emotional goodbyes every week, it's almost enough to make you want to down some loony pills if only it weren't for the uber romantic getaways and always entertaining rose ceremonies. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I love watching The Bachelor-  it makes me feel special to not be crazy enough to want to apply for the show. It's like watching an experiment I know will fail... but the possibility it will last makes it worth watching. What can I say, I'm a hopeless reality show romantic.
Now that The Bachelor is coming to Canada, I'm even more excited than usual to see if this country's most eligible stud will find love, and with whom. He just so happens to be Brad Smith of Hudson, Quebec, 6'1 and 188 lbs of French-speaking CFL royalty. Son of Larry Smith, former commissioner and president of the Montreal Alouettes, Brad is a former Eski and remains a free-agent on the market...for now. I'm looking forward to spotting familiar hangouts like the CN Tower, Niagara Falls maybe and a trip to the Rockies, but I'm even more excited to see our girls in action. 

Canadian girls in my opinion are great - laid back, fun loving and naturally beautiful inside and out. Doesn't change the fact that some of them are definitely crazy, which shows itself in true form usually around episodes 3 and 4. But the idea that Canadian girls are much less 'out there' than American girls makes it seem hopeful Brad will find true love, fingers crossed.

With the nine episode quest set to launch this Fall, I'm hoping the show lives up to its American counterpart. No Chris Harrison though, the soft spoken host and only other guy around to help the Bach figure out whether to use his heart, brain or ding-a-ling to decide which girl gets the boot; we're getting a Canadian host, and hopefully it's not Ben Mulroney. 

So remember this exchange when you're watching 5 more weeks of non-stop hockey... in a couple months make sure to remind him of your ongoing patience, as it will be his turn to endure the waiting game of love, one rose at a time.


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