And then there was One

If it didn't occur to you that the city of Los Angeles had three professional sporting teams hosting playoff games out of one arena this weekend, you saved yourself the grief that was bestowed upon Staples Center employees and L.A fans in its aftermath.

Six games in four days; two different basketball teams and the installation of a hockey arena, twice. They called it "Sportsageddon". Five of those games happened within a 72 hour window, and two of those teams got knocked out. Similar to the movie Armageddon, which follows the journey of family oriented astronauts into space, the experienced characters are sucked into a black hole and left standing are the young unlikely Kings, or in the film Ben Affleck, the least likely to survive but formidably the strongest of the bunch. (I know the Kings lost but they are still up in their series against Phoenix 3-1).

Gone are the Lakers and the Clippers, who despite surviving first round trials (each team went to Game 7), were tossed faster than the lettuce recalled from the local Cali grower down the coast. What does this mean for L.A?  It means sports fans are finally forced to focus on the impressive yet overlooked run of their hockey team, now that the basketballs are put away until next season. The Kings haven't been to the Stanley Cup Finals since 1993, but the Lakers have had plenty to celebrate since then. Since basketball is the culture down there, it can easily boil any Canadian's blood to know a franchise with as much success and talent on the ice as the Kings, receive as little attention as they do off it.

I think it's great the Lakers and Clippers are done, time for the Kings to conquer Los Angeles! I've provided a time lapse video that shows the transformation of the Staples Center over the course of the weekend that was. Sometimes it's better to watch sports from the couch, no?


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