While the Women Talk

"While the Men Watch" is a cultural curveball that's gotten a lot of people swinging lately. If you haven't heard of this relatively new venture, it is two women who provide an alternative play-by-play and colour commentary to live sports. The CBC has added their voices to Hockey Night in Canada for the Stanley Cup Finals in an attempt to rally a specific audience. Their opinions will be streamed online. The thing about these women is they know nearly nothing about sports, nor are they willing to learn. The only reason they put up with sports is because they are married to sports-crazed men. Instead of leaving the house and doing something independent, they stay home with their men and try to make it entertaining for themselves. They talk about outfits, facial hair, athlete physique and attractiveness to pass the periods away. 

I am not at all offended by the content these women provide, as I understand there is an audience who can relate to their struggles and will find their musings very funny. Lots of women don't like sports but love shoes, and this is their demographic (I just happen to be one that loves both!).  I find it endearing that they laced up their skates and 'took one for the team' in an attempt to be closer with their partners and not be willingly left out. What I am concerned about is the judgement call that brings this show to a national audience. It is borderline embarrassing yet could be a possible success, if these women really watch what they say. With their valley girl personalities it will only take one or two games for the public to decide if this is a home run idea or if CBC got caught stealing home. The move has offended women sports fans from all over the country, as the stereotype that women can't be true sports fans gets thrown into question when paired alongside the stereotype that most women don't like sports.

Here's my say: If you don't like sports, you just don't and it may not ever be something you'll get into. Adding frilly non-sports related commentary may help someone become interested in the broadcast, but it will not encourage them to follow the sport. This is where the CBC messed up as it will not increase their overall value as a sports destination; it utterly contradicts their commitment to quality. If you do like sports, then you will just listen to regular commentary and should not waste your time with the alternative; listening to it may cause you to break things. Also, if you're a woman who likes sports consider yourself even more attractive now that this story has come out. Some guys want their women to know sports while others would rather have that time to themselves or with friends so they don't have to explain everything. Just being true to yourself and knowing you could watch sports with your man, alone or with oblivious people means there's no need to be bothered by this and just enjoy the game.


ps. I didn't last very long in the poker tournament the other day. I tried to be a little too aggressive with a lot of casual players and got smoked by a donkey and then knocked out by a wiz. Why did I have to be seated at the table with the one guy who knows all about the Full Tilt scandal while everyone else asks if a flush is better than a straight or what the fourth card on the board is. Ugghh!!! Next time I'll dumb myself down a bit and try not to act like I'm in the WSOP.

Poker Face

Tonight I'll be representing InGamer at a poker tournament and I'm not gonna lie, I am extremely nervous. I always felt, before I learned how to play, that poker was a man's game and women were there to either loosen their purse strings or show off their card cleavage. I thought it was a game of luck, but it turns out the addition of intimidation and enticement are proponents that make playing extremely rewarding. 

Poker screams Las Vegas - high rollers, sexy women in scanty outfits, piles of cash and bags of sweat. At least that's how I remember it when I was there. What's best about poker is in fact anyone can play; young, old, all different races, religions and genders. Even donkeys are welcome to play, the more the merrier. It's not about what your cards look like rather than what you want them to appear to be to others. It's a skilled game where you can outplay your opponents with weaker hands, something that rarely occurs in sports. Some of the best poker players in the world are stowed away in cool basements playing online for twelve hours a day. Some of them are loud mouthed attention seekers or quiet shape shifters. Poker is not about people, it's about personality, character and taking risks. 

It's also a place to lose yourself, and let the cards fall as they may. Just don't go for the smoking barrel when you get ousted on the river by a low pair from some gal with a great pair. I've watched many poker tournaments on TV over the years and I've learned to never be certain of your victory until all five cards are down, you'll save yourself years from your life. 

I hope I don't get knocked out too early; it's been a while since I played this greatly challenging game and I would really like to show up the people who will overlook me. I guess it all depends on who I want to be when I get there tonight, and how I handle my hands. I'll let you know tomorrow how I do!


And then there was One

If it didn't occur to you that the city of Los Angeles had three professional sporting teams hosting playoff games out of one arena this weekend, you saved yourself the grief that was bestowed upon Staples Center employees and L.A fans in its aftermath.

Six games in four days; two different basketball teams and the installation of a hockey arena, twice. They called it "Sportsageddon". Five of those games happened within a 72 hour window, and two of those teams got knocked out. Similar to the movie Armageddon, which follows the journey of family oriented astronauts into space, the experienced characters are sucked into a black hole and left standing are the young unlikely Kings, or in the film Ben Affleck, the least likely to survive but formidably the strongest of the bunch. (I know the Kings lost but they are still up in their series against Phoenix 3-1).

Gone are the Lakers and the Clippers, who despite surviving first round trials (each team went to Game 7), were tossed faster than the lettuce recalled from the local Cali grower down the coast. What does this mean for L.A?  It means sports fans are finally forced to focus on the impressive yet overlooked run of their hockey team, now that the basketballs are put away until next season. The Kings haven't been to the Stanley Cup Finals since 1993, but the Lakers have had plenty to celebrate since then. Since basketball is the culture down there, it can easily boil any Canadian's blood to know a franchise with as much success and talent on the ice as the Kings, receive as little attention as they do off it.

I think it's great the Lakers and Clippers are done, time for the Kings to conquer Los Angeles! I've provided a time lapse video that shows the transformation of the Staples Center over the course of the weekend that was. Sometimes it's better to watch sports from the couch, no?


What to Wear to a Sporting Event

As I was perusing my daily internet faves of the sports and entertainment scene- a ritual I find very relaxing and cerebrally satisfying, I stumbled upon an image that sent shivers down my spine and got me thinking of how I could help the everyday woman. Once in a while whether you like sports or not, you'll get invited to attend a basketball/football/baseball game with no way out. Here's a tip on dressing for the rare occasion and regardless how famous you are or how attractive you want to be... there's no way anyone should be wearing this to a basketball game- Hollywood or Madison Square Garden. ------------------->

If you haven't heard the Los Angeles Lakers are the top ticket in California sports, as they're located in Hollywood and attract of load of regular celebrities. They're also pretty good having won five Championships since 2000, not to mention their storied history dating back to the early 70's. When you go to sporting events, you still want to look good, but not overdone and uncomfortable; the game may go into triple overtime or 15 innings. The faces that sit court side may ooze celebrity status, but don't try to emulate them all as you may find yourself to be the village idiot at the Palace of Auburn Hills

The Game of Love

Word got out that Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man, dumped his fashion designer girlfriend to concentrate on the upcoming Olympic Games and now I'm forced to decipher whether or not this is a good idea. Yeah I get it, the Olympics represent the highest level of competition on the planet, where winners are remembered by their countrymen for generations to come and statues are erected long after the feat is accomplished... But what about his girlfriend? I'm sure it wouldn't go down well with me if I was being pushed over for the pursuit of gold on a ribbon, Olympic medal or not, and I'm sure many other relationship partners would agree.

Highest Score Tonight Wins a Vacation!

It's back!!! The second All Inclusive trip giveaway will be awarded to the InGamer with the highest score after tonight's Game 1 between the Devils and Rangers. Congrats to user Kando, who took down the first trip after a close race to the end. If only someone had picked Alex Ponikarovsky in the overtime frame, it could have changed things up drastically!

So to refresh those in need of a vacation, all you have to do is select the 5 athletes you think will have the best game on the ice. Everything gets accounted for in real time including hits, faceoff losses and takeaways, so each move will bring you closer and further away from the leaderboard... so chose wisely. By the end of each period you will get a chance to replace any athletes who aren't performing to your standards. If you'd like, pick one of your five athletes to be your team captain - he will receive double the points to get you ahead, but will also receive double negative points if he is having a bad night. He's in all game though, so risking it could be worth the reward, just ask Ilya Kovalchuck, a game time decision who ended up changing the game.

With over 300 participants in our first Feature Game, the odds are great for everyone who joins in tonight. High scores can contribute to tertiary prizes (valued at $500 cold hard cash) and if they're high enough, combining your two best scores can score you our 3rd All Inclusive trip giveaway. Some contests are so easy to play, signing up is often the hardest part! So rally your friends, partners and people who have been down in the dumps lately... winning tonight's trip is as easy as an empty netter and anyone can win!

I'll see you in the game...http://www.ingamer.com/


Hockey Mom

My mom was not a hockey mom; she was more of a baking mom. She would bake bread in the morning and by the time I got home from school it was ready, as the sweet scent of buns would make its way out the front window. I’ve heard stories about hockey moms though, and how they, like bread rise before the sun to provide enrichment and growth to their young children.

Why NOT to Date an Athlete

Shame on Terrell Owens and any professional athletes who father children and then refuse to be a part of their lives. After watching yesterday's episode of Dr. Phil, I've come to the realization that some athletes, no matter how talented and entertaining, can be selfish, hurtful people. The message needs to be clear to both parents that when they bring a child into the world, planned or not, it's not money that is the most important form of child support- it's love. 


Aaaooooooooouuuuuuuu! The Phoenix Coyotes may have been the 3rd seed in the West, but they've always been the NHL's underdog. Now that the they've trudged their way to their first Western Conference Finals, I'm really excited to see how their success on the ice will affect Glendale, Arizona off the ice. For a franchise that's had tremendous financial problems and ownership issues, it's always been hard to fit hockey into a state that lives and breathes golf, baseball, football and arid heat.

Kitchener's Love for Hockey embodies ARENA: The Hockey Exhibit

If you’ve wondered what it feels like to have a puck fly at your face at 105km/h, you have a couple days left to experience it at THEMUSEUM. The force alone of the puck smacking the plexiglass just inches in front of your eyes as they’re pressed up against an outline of a goalie mask, is enough to send shivers down your spine and make you call it quits- if only it weren’t for every other interactive goody, educational treasure and at times simply brilliant displays of art in Canada’s favourite sport, hockey.


Tonight is the night everyone!!!!! I am soooo excited to say, the InGamer with the HIGHEST score after tonight's Game #3 between the Flyers and Devils will WIN AN ALL-INCLUSIVE VACATION!!!!

It's actually the largest single-event prize in fantasy sports history, and you don't even have to know about hockey to win! 

The Bachelor's Most Eligible Free Agent

The show 'The Bachelor' is a velvet bag of mixed nuts and studs that lots of people would prefer not to get their manicured hands in. I suppose that's fair, what with 2-hour episodes and overly emotional goodbyes every week, it's almost enough to make you want to down some loony pills if only it weren't for the uber romantic getaways and always entertaining rose ceremonies. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I love watching The Bachelor-  it makes me feel special to not be crazy enough to want to apply for the show. It's like watching an experiment I know will fail... but the possibility it will last makes it worth watching. What can I say, I'm a hopeless reality show romantic.

Battle Strategy for the Blue Skies

With the All-Inclusive Giveway going down in just 2 days, we all need to think wisely as Head Coaches in order to score the first of 3 trips. Now I'm no head coach, but I've tried a couple different strategies out to see if anything sticks. Here are the two biggest things that I noticed and may help you determine your lineup. 

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