Your Team Missed the Playoffs! What Now?

1. Swear. Loudly. Get it all out and get past it. Nothing fun will come out of resenting the other teams and ignoring the Playoffs.

Warning: If you have young children, either do said swearing outside, or preface your violent rage of obscenities with “ear muffs”.

2. Pick a team or a player to root for. There are 16 teams and 100’s of players. Not all of them are hated. You can do the classic “Canadian” thing and root for the Canucks or Sens. Die-hard fans have a real problem with that. Fair. Pick a team that has never won a Cup. Shit, pick the team you know least about. I’m a Habs fan. This year: I’m all about the Blues. Why? Halak. I cheered for him once, might as well do it again.

3. Support a friend. You have a friend (or several) who is a diehard fan of a team still in the Playoffs. Don’t fall victim to jealousy. Better to be an allied bandwagon jumper than a jealous, angry buzz-kill.

Caveat: You cannot support a team you religiously taunted your friend about at any point in the last 3 years. There’s only one thing worse than a bandwagon jumper: a hypocritical bandwagon jumper.

4. Playoff Pools. Screw rooting for teams, root for players. Might as well try and win some prizes while at it too. There are tons of playoff pools out there that are all essentially the same thing: Pick 10-20 players with some kind of salary cap and compete against the faceless masses. You will need to spend 15-20 minutes setting up your initial team per pool. Then you will need to manage it through the playoffs to have any shot at winning.

Issue: This opens you up to the similar let down you had when your beloved team missed the playoffs. That is the Playoff Pool Paradox.

Solution: Play InGamer during the playoffs. (Come on, you knew that was coming...didn’t you?). You can play any game, any day, and it takes less than 2 minutes to get going. There are some amazing prizes and hell, it’s a ton of fun and you might also meet some new friends.

Go to: to get IN the game.

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