So I mentioned Sports Widows the other day, and the trials and tribulations that come with being in a relationship with a committed sports fan. What I failed to mention is that not every sports widow is a woman, and that not every sports fan is a man. It just so happens to be the stereotype that women don't like watching sports the same way men don't like going shopping. So moving along, I will proceed under this influence but please know I am not trying to offend anyone.

I've gathered my Top 10 Reasons Women Should Watch Sports, so open up your hearts and let the love in.

10. Guilt-Free Over-Indulging Time with the Guys
Go ahead, stuff yourself silly, they won't judge. In fact, the guys will probably be excited to see you consume as much nachos and wings as you can. Drinking beer has also never been so enjoyable. If you hang out often enough and have some notable stats handy, pretty soon you'll be cleared of any drink tabs and you'll be a household name.

It's also a really nice change to spend time with the boys -- take a break from the Gossip Girl drama and delve into the world of Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow drama.

9. Reality TV at its Best
Enough with Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the K's.... every night there's more compelling stuff going on at the exact same time!Not to disregard how serious and unscripted reality television is; it's definitely normal to fall in love, get married and file for divorce in 72 days, or expose your hoohah to a packed club six times in one night only to be called out by your boyfriend. The real emotion is raw and uncut on the bench, on the court, on the ice, and on the turf. If you can't completely cut out the Real Housewives of New York or the Bachelorette, then at least flip back and forth between commercials. I do that quite often and it gets easier with practice.

8. MMA stands for Mmm, Mmm, Ahhh!

At first glance, mixed martial arts seems gory, barbaric and unsportsmanlike. Obviously it's not easy to watch one man completely demolish the left side of another man's face in less than two minutes, or see two women grapple like starved gorillas in a blood-stained cage... but these athletes fight with respect and are well-trained. It's not just two grown men trying to kill each other, it's two grown men using techniques they've spent years trying to perfect, to strategically take out one another to make a living.
Give it a shot next time all your male buddies want to go to the bar and check out the fight. You'll be thoroughly entertained by the atmosphere, as well as the skimpy shorts some fighters don (ahem GSP).

7. Super Slow Motion means Super Great Shots
A long time ago, before the age of instant replay, quantity used to beget quality. Everyone enjoys high-octane offence -with the exception of no-hitters in baseball and soccer fans in general -- but nowadays, viewers have an opportunity to truly witness exceptional athleticism at its best. The replays allow you to get a great look at the athletes’ skill, style, and of course, the way their perfectly sculpted bodies react to bone-crushing plays while their super tight uniforms keeps everything in place. Think Baywatch for boys but instead of a beach, it's an End Zone.

6. Knowledge is Power
We already know this from relationships with guys, so let's take it one step further with sports. It can be confusing for many women to watch sports because they have no idea what's going on. In football there's a whistle every ten seconds, while in hockey the puck seems always to be offside. The last minute of a basketball game can last 20 minutes in real time, while soccer players appear to just kick the ball back and forth to each other. The rules of the sport is what makes the sport exciting, and not knowing the rules takes away from the fun. Plus, knowing the rules makes it easy to completely disagree with the calls being made, making a mockery of the officiating by screaming at the top of your lungs while your beer spills down your arm. Attractive, trust me.

5. Soccer is Sexy
There's a rule in soccer that if you score a goal and take your shirt off, you get a yellow card for over-celebrating. That is one of the worst rules in sport. Let them undress! The average midfielder runs over 10 km in a 90-minute game, so his stamina and fitness levels are through the roof. That's not too bad to stare at come the final whistle, when they all take their shirts off and celebrate by hugging each other in a sweaty man-pile.

4. The Fantasy of Fantasy Sports
What's the deal with guys and fantasy leagues? It seems like they spend more time researching which running back to start than they do what to get you for Valentine's day. It's a daily ritual to check up on your roster; to see who is worthy of being your starting goalie, or who to bench. Big commitment? No worries. Playing the InGamer style allows you to slowly but surely understand the appeal of fantasy sports on a nightly basis. This is a great way to stay in touch with the game, its players and your friends. Best part is what's on the line - glory, along with funny team names and trash talk, but it's also chance to manage athletes that you “own.” If they don't impress, trade 'em, or waive them and hope they don't get their revenge on you later. Just like we do with the guys we date.

3. Grab the Girls and Go to a Game
Not only is the atmosphere of live games electrifying and full of fan entertainment, baseball stadiums and hockey arenas are hidden gems for scoping out packs of dudes. Just like the mall is a bounty of highly stimulated women ready to swipe the plastic, the smell of hot dogs and draft beer are simple tactics that make men come running. If that’s not easy enough, dress down… a sporting event is one of the few venues where guys are utterly attracted to women wearing sweat pants and baseball caps while downing some peanuts and crackerjacks.

2. Bragging Rights
When a man and a woman disagree about almost anything, it’s a given the woman will often walk away the victor. Why not take that strength and apply it to a department where the man often feels invincible? By challenging his beliefs while at the same time backing up your debate, you have once again shifted the balance of power in your favour. Accurately predicting outcomes while having less sports knowledge than your man, will no doubt make him feel emasculated, making daily disagreements easier to deal with and possibly even completely avoidable.

1. In It to Win It
The same way the dreamy vampire Edward Cullen from the wildly successful Twilight franchise looks passionately into the eyes of his only love Bella, athletes do the same to us. Every night they go out there, feverishly working to protect us from sadness before we go to bed. They train, they travel, they sweat blood and tears in an attempt to win our hearts. For athletes, there is no greater goal than winning it all. So next time you watch a game, look at their faces, and the way they look at the scoreboard. Look into their eyes as they see their season slipping away. Look at their lips when they know they can taste victory. Just look at them, because their expression says it all, and they’re not going to go down without a fight.


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  1. I swear every blog I enjoy your writing even more. This is great Jen! I'm so spreading this!!!! <3


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