Sports Widows

If you recently lost a loved one to a recurring pattern of untimely sporting events, you are not alone. Maybe it wasn’t recent; maybe it’s been years, decades even of love lost in an unfair game. It revolves around scheduling, statistics and worse, standings that change more often than Katy Perry’s hair colour. It hurts your relationship and effects your sanity, as you can’t come to terms with being scrapped for a baseball game.

If this is the case you are in fact a sports widow, and I’ll tell you right now there’s no bringing him back from the other side. The same way he fell for you, he fell for sports and they’ve been dating a lot longer. They’ve gone through some serious ups, downs and any given Sundays but are still going stronger than ever. My word of advice for anyone trying to take sports away from their loved one: Stop now or hurt later because these games aren’t going anywhere.

Trust me, guys know how beautiful it is outside on Sunday afternoons in September. Does that stop them from leaving the couch? Absolutely not, if anything the light just hinders their view of the game. It’s ugly but it’s the truth and if you’re not willing to compromise neither is he. Of the 52 Sundays in the year 16 of them are meant for football. Add a couple more if they make the playoffs, making the preceding weeks entirely worth it and you still get 32 Sundays together.

The real question is why bother trying to take 16 Sundays away from him with fighting, when you can lace up your cleats and join him on the couch thus strengthening your relationship?

This is an ongoing debate that needs serious discussion. In most cases I can see wives and girlfriends cringing at the thought of watching sports. This is where I come in handy; together we will conquer men and sports, one game at a time.


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