Sports Widow Wednesdays

I had the funniest conversation with my dearest friend on the phone last night about of all things, hockey. Now Beverly is not by any means a sporty gal, unless you call lifting your wallet a sport, in that case she is Holt Renfrew's MVP. She may not know when the NBA season starts and ends, but she knows Stella McCartney designed a track suit just for her. More importantly, Bev is a sports widow who is trying to survive the long, excruciating battle that is the NHL Playoffs.

Bev's boyfriend Jonny loves hockey and Call of Duty, which just so happen to be things she has very little interest in. The major problem is they have only one TV and very little breathing room. But give her a headset and some brews and she'll turn a dreadful night of Free-for-All into an all-out verbal slugfest. Now that the frequency of the hockey schedule is taking away from Jonny's usual playtime, Bev is left with back-to-back-to-back hockey games, back-to-back-to-back nights in a row. A familiar story for sports widows everywhere.

But Bev has found some solace in this opening round, in the form of New York Ranger Henrik Lundqvist. "I saw him in Vanity Fair," she recalls. "He's uber dreamy and he plays goalie, like Jonny." Rightfully so. Not only is he dreamy Bev, he is extremely talented, too. And with the stroke of a magazine page, an interest was born. Whether it be Mike Smith, Brayden Holtby or Roberto Luongo, Bev now knows who they are and where they play, and can even describe their distinctive warm-up style.

"As a player I like Jonathan Quick, I personally don't like how Henrik goalies'" she tells me, as I giggle uncontrollably at the sound of two hockey player names coming out of her mouth in one sentence. As we're on the phone, she's watching Jonny at his goalie lesson from the bar in the arena. "I come here every week and drink a pitcher of beer to myself because I'm sooo bored." True story, she calls me every week at the same time and asks me what I'm doing. This time I tell her I'm watching the Panthers/Devils game and she says "that series doesn't interest me at all. Don't know why, but I like L.A and New York". Typical fashionista. I almost fell off my chair hearing her talk about 'a series' with some kind of conviction. So proud of you!

My favourite banter of the night though is when she says, "Not only do we watch hockey every night when we're at home, but when we do go out to visit our friends, we watch more hockey and all we end up talking about is hockey. (Frantic voice) I know we're in Canada, and I'm all for the playoffs, but to get excited about going out only to end up watching and talking about more hockey is so frustrating! I deserve a trophy for this." You absolutely deserve a trophy for that, or a medal, or a ring...


[Widow Wednesdays will be a regular feature for the InGamer blog. Feel free to spread it around to anyone you know that needs a little pick-me-up in the sports world.]

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