Playoff Pool in Jeopardy?

With the Pens, Red Wings, Sharks, Canucks and Blackhawks on the brink of elimination, your playoff pool just got a lot more interesting. That is unless you're one of the many many people who decided to pick players from those teams, certain they'd make it to the Finals. Womp, womp. If that's the case in a couple days you may just find yourself to be just another viewer, watching games with no added value, to determine a winner surely that won't be you.

Don't be "just another viewer"... Keep your chin up and continue to cheer for players you know will have a better Round 2! Not only will you  get another chance to reclaim 'Superior Hockey Knowledge Supremacy' amongst others, you just might be rewarded with something worthwhile the night it happens!

Just play InGamer, and you can top your friends and everyone else, one game at a time. You hand pick any 5 players on either team before the game starts, anointing 1 of them to be your team Captain. You sit back, relax, and watch the first period as you rack up points according your players' performance... LIVE BABY!! Best part is if your players suck you can change anyone (except your Captain!) before the start of each period. Whhaatt??

So for example you think the Pens will come out flying, but by midway through the second the Flyers will have probably already tied it up. . You start 4 Penguins and 1 Flyer, just in case. You make Sidney Crosby your Captain, because he'll be the biggest factor of the game.Every point he gets will be doubled. But if has a horrible game, his points will be double-negative, and you can't change him all game. If all goes to plan, you set your next period lineup according to your strategy. Or stay put, because you like these guys and there's more to come!

Not that my playoff pool is suffering, I still have my Blues going strong, and my Panthers looking shaky. But 2-2 is better than 3-1! But since it's so easy for me to play InGamer, setting up my lineup takes 1 minute and I usually don't change my team unless I feel I have to. If you are uncertain of who to start, Fast Pick is a tug-of-war tool that easily gets you started.

I'll be in the Pens/Flyers game tonight under handle miss-robles.
Don't be shy to try, unless you're afraid to get beat by a girl!

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