With the 3rd pick, the Minnesota Vikings select...

The 2012 NFL Draft begins at Pick #3.

We all know who is going  #1 and #2, but who will the Vikings pick at 3? The early consensus pick was Matt Kalil, the LT from USC. Recently, pundits have begun talking up LSU CB Morris Claiborne as a possible pick. Both picks make sense as they fall into the conventional wisdom bucket. For a team to win, they ‘need’ an elite LT to protect the QB and a shutdown corner. My question is: Really?

Did the Giants, Packers, Saints, Patriots, Colts, Steelers ever have a true shutdown corner? The closest was Ty Law with the 2004/2005 Patriots but we have all seen how important Belichick thinks elite DBs are to Super Bowl runs. Decent corners, yes, elite ones?? Pass on Claiborne Minnesota!! 

Did any of them have elite LTs? Decent ones, yes, elite ones? No. There are a number of top notch LTs available on Thursday, so Minnesota can likely find one at the top of Round 2.

The Vikings apparently need to give QB Christian Ponder some help, so Kalil is the consensus ‘need’ pick here. But you know what else helps a QB, elite WRs. Look at the list of teams i noted above...what is the one thing they all DID have: an elite wideout (or two). If the Vikings want to change their fortune, they should pick Okla St. WR Justin Blackmon, pair him with Percy Harvin, and give Ponder the type of help that wins Super Bowls, not post-draft grading contests.

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