Four 4:20 Super Stars

Is it just me or is it cloudy out? I see a lot of sunlight and can feel a nice breeze, but I can't help but notice just how "foggy" it looks out there. In honour of a holiday still off the Statutory radar, I present to you 4 athletes who set new highs in the pro sports world, one bong hit at a time.

4. Tim Lincecum 
Baseball players are lucky... they can wear sunglasses during work. And since it does get pretty sunny out there  in San Francisco, shades sure come in handy when you're trying to deflect rays of light, and everyone around you from knowing you're stoned. Obviously weed doesn't phase this two time Cy Young winner, who fast pitched his way out of some serious cop troubles. In 2009 the long haired stoner was pulled over for speeding and was found to have possession of marijuana. Good thing he's famous! The judge let him off with a measly $250 fine (barely the price of a high quality smoking device), and he promised to never be caught again.
3. Ross Rebagliati
Slalom snowboarding is very dangerous, yet Canadian Ross Rebagliati managed to swindle the first Olympic gold medal in 1998 under the influence. That is extremely impressive, especially because most people can barely light up when it's cold out! After an ongoing session regarding the effects of weed on an athlete, it was determined if anything pot would be detrimental, and its effects remain ambiguous. Ross was cleared on appeal and is one of Canada's more highly decorated snowboarders. 

2. Michael Phelps
How this guy didn't receive another gold medal for being the best Olympic athlete of all time, as a toker, is beyond me. While you would think swimming and stoning only come together as a recreational thing, this guy smashed records in the pool, and with those lungs probably set records hitting bongs too. It stirred up massive controversy and left him without some of his major endorsements, but put Phelps on the cover of High Times and he'll wrangle up a new demographic of untapped goodness- pot-smoking athletes.

1. Ricky Williams
You knew this was coming. The once famed NFL star and Heisman trophy winner was banned for failing the league's drug policy four times, making him the laughing stock of professional sports. Where did he go? To Canada of course, where there's just as much green as there is snow, and when I say snow I mean Quebec and Rocky Mountains snow. Williams spent a season in the Canadian Football League playing with the Toronto Argonauts, where he signed as the CFL's highest paid running back which just sounds so ironic to me. That took blitzing in football to a whole new level, and has since left him as a trademark stoner. 

Enjoy the day whether you like the smell of it or not, great things can be accomplished despite a negative connotation. If you're one of the folks who think pot will make you lazy, unproductive and tired... Look up these guys' accomplishments and let me know if that's something still up for discussion. 


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