Fan on a Ledge

The Pittsburgh Penguins could be eliminated tonight, with one sweep of a broom at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers.

I found a die hard Pens fan, who so willingly agreed to share his thoughts on the series thus far. What with the fighting, the suspensions, the blown leads and the blow out losses, I had to get the scoop on this 'Fan on a Ledge', and find out just what is going on in his steam rolled sports brain. What's the biggest fear for one of Pittsburgh's biggest fans? Jordan Tye tells me. 

So how are you feeling right about now?
JT: I'm not feeling very good about tonight. This series has been a complete nightmare, and never in my entire life did I think we were going to be down three games to none to the Flyers.

Well what's the worst part about it all?
JT: Only 3 teams have ever come back from a 3-0 hole, making losing inevitable. We were expected to make it to the Stanley Cup finals, so to possibly be out in the first round is a nightmare. I'm a diehard fan so I   hear it at work, from my friends, online... Of all teams the Flyers too, I think in the 8 games we played against them since we opened Consol Energy Center two years ago, we've only won what... twice? Our first game there was against the Flyers and we lost.

I'm pretty sure the Flyers were one of those teams last year, not making losing entirely inevitable!
JT: True, but the Flyers are a young team. And when young players build up confidence the way they have, they become unstoppable. Similar to the year the Pens won the Stanley Cup - the guys were peaking at the right time and they were too good against Detroit, a team with age.

Giving up 8 goals in back-to-back games is almost unheard of. Why is this happening?
JT: Goaltending and coaching. Even though he had a good season, (Pens goalie Marc-Andre) Fleury isn't playing the way he used to and to be honest, I've never seen him play this bad and I've been following him since he had yellow pads. He's lost his last six playoff games and allowed I think 26 goals. There's been 3 shorthanded goals, one in each game, and that comes down to coaching. I see (Flyers coach) Peter LaViolette calling time outs, with his team down 3-0 in the first, and they wake up and do something. When the Penguins are keeping it close like Sunday's Game #3, I don't see Coach (Dan) Bylsma doing any of that stuff. And with the talent on the team it really comes down to him.

So you're really mad at the way this series is being handled...
JT: I think Bylsma is being outcoached. He didn't bother altering the lines until the third period of the last game, and now it's too late. What has he done since he won the Cup? Up 3-0 in both games at home and blow both those games? If the Penguins don't win this series, someone's going to be fired.

I think you're breathing a little too much fire right now, Bylsma's not going to get fired!
JT: From what I've been reading, Mario (Lemieux) can't be too impressed. Bruce Boudreau got the boot so I wouldn't be surprised. As long as they don't hire Ron Wilson, I think it'll be okay.

Who's done their job as a Penguin and who's really let you down?
JT: Oh man, the entire blue line, Evgeni Malkin, Fleury, Pascal Dupuis, Steve Sullivan, James Neal, who showed up the other night but where was he in Game 1 and 2? Now he's suspended so yeah, he let me down. Who did their job? I'd have to say the third line with Cooke, Staal and Kennedy is pretty steady and Sidney Crosby. That's about it. Oh, and it's not easy seeing players like Max Talbot and Jaromir Jagr play for another team, GM Ray Shero should have just kept them, then we wouldn't be in this mess.

So what are you expecting tonight? Going anywhere? What will you do tomorrow?
JT: In all honesty, (I love when people say this, they're so vulnerable!) I do expect them to win one game. I don't think they're going to get swept but if they do somebody gets fired. My biggest fear is are we're turning into "those guys"? Teams that are expected to go far but never make it...Like the Sharks?? It all really depends on tonight. I'm going to a bar with my buddy, and since we're the Away team, I'll wear my white Crosby jersey with the '08 Stanley Cup patch. I got this the same day I witnessed him score his first Stanley Cup finals goal in Pittsburgh. I decided to forgo wearing jerseys this year since I wore them in the first three games of the playoffs last year when they lost to the Lightning. I'm such a superstitious guy and I've just been wearing hats, so now it's time to switch it up. Tomorrow I either wake up with hope for Friday, or tie a noose.

Well I'll call you in the morning just in case. 

[Jordan Tye is the founder and owner of Reason Music Management Group and works on behalf of Hip Hop Canada in Toronto, Ontario where he scouts local talent.]


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