Everyone drop what you're doing, I have a MAJOR announcement. Just by watching Game #3 between the Flyers and Devils this Thursday, you're 1 step away to your dream vacation. Heck, you don't even have to watch the game it's that easy, you just have to set up your roster and anyone can win- your ultra feminine girlfriend, your senile dad, your gay buddy who hates sports but loves margaritas, hell even you, the sports guru.

This free to enter contest has big rewards!

1.So how it works is on Thursday you click here, choose Hockey and join the game that says PHI@NJ. Take a minute to go over the Points Guide and chose any 5 players to start the game on either team. These players will receive and lose points based on their actual in-game performance, to signify their impact. Don't forget to pick a Captain - his points are worth double, but if he sucks that's double sucky!

(If you don't know any players, we will help you get started with FastPick, a tug-of-war tool that easily sets your roster)

When you are ready click Done, and take half a minute to SIGN IN by creating a username that enters you into the contest.

2. Time to watch the game! If during the first period your players aren't performing to your standards, you can change them during the intermissions to spruce things up! Or you can keep them As Is and hope for the best. But you cannot change your Captain, he stays on the ice all game.

(If you swap a player, you will not receive the points the new player got in the previous period, only the points he gets moving forward)

You can chat with others and ask questions in the Chat Box, where it says Help? and PHI@NJ.

3. Now you enjoy the game with added value! The user with the highest score at the end of the game will win an tickets to an All-Inclusive Vacation of your choosing!!!! Just like that. Now not only do you have a trip on the line, but your girlfriend can now compete against you, and possibly outscore you. But most importantly... she will be watching the game with you. Zing!!!!!

If you want to warm up I recommend playing a game tonight. Tomorrow, I'll discuss some InGamer strategy like goalie selection and who to Captain, if you want to Captain anyone at all...


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