Sidney's Return

If Sidney Crosby is going to rejoin his team heading into the post season, the question I’m wondering is how will the rest of the league treat him?

After being sidelined and scrutinized for several concussions and the return of concussion like symptoms, there’s a mutual understanding between players that concussions are a brutal part of the game. Crosby, considered hockey royalty has had his fair share of injury missing 40 games this season. No player wants to concuss another, but there is no stopping what happens after the hit. The hit is in the moment, and if Sidney Crosby happens to have the puck, he’s going to take the hit.

Players who suffer head injuries shouldn’t be treated any differently from players who remain healthy or suffer other body injuries. Especially considering the last time Sidney Crosby returned to the ice he had a 4-point night. That stretch lasted 8 games leading into December, and he had 11 points in the first 5 games. It was a sure sign he was back in competitive form, and the ‘A OK’ that he was ready to compete at the same level he was at before he ever took a hit to the head. Lo and behold three games later his play became stagnant and on Dec. 7th he bowed out of the lineup and hasn’t played since.

The timing of Sid’s return is daunting for the opponents, as the Penguins have been flying without him. Yes, Penguins can fly. They've gathered 53 points without him and have won 9 straight. However, they must face division rivals 9 more times before the season is over. On top of that tight race, the Pens also suit up against a couple teams still fighting for their playoff lives.

This late in the season you would think there would be a ‘no mercy’ attitude on the ice. Going soft on a potential big hit just seems so wrong because of a players’ medical history. This is the NHL, a full contact sport and there are no excuses for putting your head down. But at the same time, you don’t want to ruin someone’s soft tissue because of it, especially if you know what it’s like. The Kings of the East, the New York Rangers get a go at the Kid tonight. We will all be waiting for the first guy to rough him up. It’s going to be a tough stretch from now until early April, I just hope the Kid can tough it out.


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