I'm still in shock right now over the amount of changes that have occurred in the NFL. It seems like every day a high profile story breaks and a part of my soul goes with it. Not in a bad way though, it’s just this emotional attachment I have with players I'm used to seeing in certain colours all of sudden go green, or blue, or red, or orange.

The freshest transition that comes to mind is not just Peyton Manning in Broncos orange, but Tim Tebow in Jets green. Apparently John Elway still knows how to drop a bomb. Last time I checked it was ‘All Hail Tim Tebow’ out West, now he’s been sacrificed for even less than a lamb. The Jets did good to grab this once 1st rounder, only giving up a 4th and 6th round pick.

What rocks me was the thought NY had already put all their faith into Mark Sanchez. Just weeks ago they stunned almost everyone by re-signing the kid to a $40.5 million deal, half of it guaranteed. Hopefully Tebow can bring his uplifting attitude to a very openly dysfunctional locker room, because there’s even more pressure now after the many changes in the AFC.

WR Brandon Lloyd has shifted to Patriots gear after signing a 3-year deal. New England also rolled the dice by adding often injured Jonathan Fanene, whose name I just love saying; Fenene, Fenene, Fenene. He’s ditching the Cinci stripes for some navy blue too. The retirement of Hines Ward means one less beautiful smile to look at in Pittsburgh yellow, while the abomination of the Indianapolis offense is something I still have to come to grips with.

No more Pierre Garcon, he went to sport Washington maroon. No more Joseph Addai - he was cut. Cut along with Gary Brackett, Melvin Bullitt, Dallas Clark and Curtis Painter. Even Jeff Saturday won’t be Centre for the new QB. At least Reggie Wayne has decided to stay in Colt blue and white.

Not sticking in another shade of blue is Mario Manningham, who made some incredible catches for the New York Giants. He’s shifting to San Fran, where he will be alongside Alex Smith, who re-signed with the team through to 2014. Another Mario to look out for in a new suit is Mr. Mario Williams, the defensive end who spent all of his time in Texas. He went all out in Buffalo, signing a six-year contract with the tough luck Bills.

QB Matt Flynn goes from Green Bay green to Seattle neon, while Kyle Orton gets his chance to back up Tony Romo in Dallas. Brady Quinn too gets a new home in Kansas City, going from brown to red, but still as a backup.

Add in the Saints’ bounty woes and the Megatron mega contract, and we have a March as busy as September.

I know changing teams and wearing different uniforms is a part of the game, and that very few athletes get to spend their full careers with one team. Change is good though, that’s what they say. But in the NFL if the change isn't good enough, there’s always a pair of scissors handy.


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  1. Awesome read Jen. I was shocked how little Tebow was worth, but I guess Denver had to sacrifice a virgin in order to sign a real QB... :P


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