The Hunger Games

I haven’t read the book or watched the movie… yet, but this is that time of the year in hockey where if you’re not hungry enough, you’re going to be eaten alive.

Points are golden droplets that come out of a dirty syringe, and with a fistful of games left you don’t know what these teams are willing to do to get their hands on it. Regulation wins, OT losses, shootout wins and regulation losses… will make all the difference between family movie night on Saturdays, and strapping up at the Joe April 11th.

Staring at the standings, it’s hard to imagine what the final playoff map will look like. The Washington Capitals better get a move on because they’ve already started to stagger. Sabres goalie Ryan Miller usually gets hot at this time of the year, and now that Buffalo have the 8th place reigns (finally!), I don’t see them letting up. The Sens are also hanging in tight after loosening their grip on the 7th seed. I can somehow see them blowing it. Tonight the Panthers try to extend their Atlantic division lead over Washington to 7 points, maybe six… or it could be closed down to just 3, with Washington you just never know.

Out West it doesn’t get any easier for the 6 teams hunting for 3 playoff spots, all only 4 points apart. The Dallas Stars and L.A Kings are going to make sure nothing is left on the ice, as the ladder fall is high from 3rd to 11th place. I hear a loud crash coming.Tonight the Sharks try to take a bite of the Blackhawks, who hold 6th with 93 points. Best part about the final 5? The outright intensity, and the possibility that a team like the Wild or Lightning (or the Habs and the Leafs) can crush the dreams of a team like San Jose and Chicago.

Hungriest team of the year? I’m still in shock with the St. Louis Blues, who have only four regulation home losses all season. But like they say, come hungry, leave happy.


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