Super Duper Bowl

One day when I am a silver haired senior rocking in my massage chair, I will tell stories to my technologically profound yet intellectually inept grandchildren about Super Bowl XLVI. Giants vs. Patriots: The Sequel. It was an epic night for sports and entertainment, as the two genres made 'luv' on the field in Indy, and produced a made-for-the-movies baby.

From start to finish it was everything I could ever ask for in a Final Showdown; Drama, suspense, action, injury and of course, a Hail Mary. And not to mention the supporting cast - a true team effort. Not just about Eli, not just about Tom, and definitely nothing to do with Peyton. The intermission excitement, which included the legendary Madonna, was a true experience for music connoisseurs. Not only did she show her team spirit with her futuristic cheerleader beats and vanishing field, she also took us back to the past ending the halftime act with her classic ‘Like A Prayer’, which was awesome.

Who would have thought that managing the time clock would be the ultimate factor of the game. With Eli off to a scorching start, the Giants controlled the field early. Queue the injuries to their quality tight ends, that could have thrown a big wrench in New York’s plans. Now queue Tom Brady closing the half with a touchdown to take the lead, and starting the 3rd quarter with another score. Magic in the making. When NY burned two of their time outs with nine minutes to go in the game, I felt sick because it began to seem like the few mistakes that were taking place were going to be the most costly.

What Eli and the Giants managed to do, however, on their last drive of the year was equally impressive, if not better than the climax from the original matchup 4 years ago. But was it the climax? No. Giving Tom Brady a full minute to win the game was definitely the heart pounder. And boy did this climax peak. With two dropped passes and a delicious Justin Tuck sack, it was all down to the Hail Mary. In what felt like slow motion, (11 hours according to Osi) the Lombardi trophy came spiralling into the Patriots end zone, perfectly thrown by its creator, and just half a step too late for his cameo was Mr. Rob Gronkowski. His solo contributions throughout the Pats regular season were by far the most valuable, so watching the trophy touch the ground and shatter into a million little pieces must have been the worst.

I will always go on about this game because it was beautiful and shiny and culturally inspiring. It makes me feel so privileged to witness talent displayed by the likes of Brady, Manningham, Madonna, Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. It was a close call between Eli and Tuck, but with love like the Giants it’s no biggie Eli took down the MVP of the game. We are a lucky bunch to have watched SB XLVI, because as time goes on and technology advances, athleticism will be always be remembered and admired.


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