The Sharks have Wings

It's Presidents Day in the USA and for our matinee Sunday entertainment, the San Jose Sharks will try to put a puncture in the Red Wings winning streak.

Let’s give it up for Detroit, who if you haven’t yet heard are on a 22-game home winning streak at the Joe. It’s an amazing feat no doubt; it’s never been done before. The Wings are also riding a five-game winning wave, but today in that sea of red it may just be the Sharks swimming away with the W.

The Sharks have lost back-to-back 1 goal games while the Phoenix Coyotes, hot on their Pacific division lead have cut the margin down to just 2 points. This is a big game for the Sharks, who despite seven straight trips to the post season have yet to make it to the Finals, a familiar sad ending to usually high beginnings.

Antti Niemi has been stellar against the Wings, a big reason the Sharks lead the series 2-0. He’s stopped 70 of 74 pucks fired at him, and is looking for a confidence boost after a 6-5 loss to Tampa Bay, where he was only tested with 25 shots.

Speaking of Tampa, the Sharks did some dealing with the Lightning acquiring center Dominic Moore and a seventh round draft pick this year for a second round draft pick next year. Solid move for the Sharks, who often seem to be lacking the cog that screws everything together in time for playoffs. Often underrated, Moore has played for a slew of teams over his career, SJ being his ninth "home". Things are looking bright as he brings the playoff skill the Sharks require to stay strong late in the year. Moore has 37 games of experience over the last 3 seasons with the Lightning and Habs, both teams if you can remember made excellent runs with Domi by their side. From his perspective it can’t be too hard to move to the West coast; sunny beaches, beautiful women and of course, a great hockey team with 'playoffs' written all over it.

This year the Sharks have wings and will probably have to go through Detroit a couple more times to prove it. Detroit’s not going anywhere fast though; where it stands they’re on pace to lift the President’s Cup, a small token of regular season greatness. Fortunately the Sharks are familiar with regular season success and don’t need to glorify it, they’re just out for good ol' glory.


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