Manning Enough?

Eli has been second to his big brother Peyton on almost every level of competition, including socially, for a very long time, but come Super Bowl Sunday baby bro can finally one-up the Field General (on his turf) and possibly make an argument as to who really is the better Manning.

This challenge however, can only be trumped by the Mannings’arch nemesis; the Golden Boy aka Tom Brady and his squad of quick catching Patriots. They’ve been out for revenge ever since the Giants crushed their undefeated Super Bowl run four seasons ago. Since this year’s Lombardi Trophy winner is about as clear as my Toronto tap water, I’m going to stick with my initial bro vs. bro debate and wait for the water to settle.

Peyton Manning, prized son of former Saint Archie Manning is no doubt the beloved jewel in his family’s crest. The NFL’s most valuable player, having won the honour four times, has a plethora of accomplishments that seem unthinkable to the simple human being. Fastest to 50,000 yards? Check. Fastest to 4,000 completions? Check. How about 4,000 yard seasons? Check times 11. The man’s got more hardware than Home Hardware. The thing is, in the regular season Peyton can hardly be beat. Come the playoffs and his track record goes from proven to possible liability. The defense is always comin for ‘em; A big reason he and baby bro are tied with one glorious ring a piece.

Eli Manning is quite possibly the league’s most bullied quarterback. But this guy sure can take a hit! The youngest of three boys, I’m sure Eli’s had his fair share of unfair treatment. But look what it has turned him into – a tough, rugged Big Apple star. Growing up in the shadows is never easy, but carving a name for yourself is even harder. Despite a worst ranked defense in the regular season the Giants have transformed themselves into shutdown monsters all while Eli has hit his stride on route to Lucas Oil. The best part about Eli Manning is his ability to work in a tight situation and get the job done. I feel he’s done a better job in fewer must-wins than Peyton, which says a lot about a quarterback.

Peyton Manning wouldn’t be as beloved if it weren’t for his outlandish sense of humour. Some athletes are so talented they refuse to acknowledge their fans in a respectful way. P Mann is one of the few celebrities that can make fun of themselves without having it be a professional distraction. Eli on the other hand would rather be a deer in the headlights if it saves him from having to talk for too long. Eli is no match in this popularity contest but he seems fine with it.

Should the Giants win this weekend, I don’t think it would officially coin Eli as the greater Manning. If anything it will distinguish their family name even further as a clan of elite ball players. Should they lose, I figure the real question will be how much more do they hate Brady now?

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