Wildcard Weekend means...

The only thing better than spending time with your loved ones during the holidays, are the shenanigans that occur immediately after… the start of the NFL playoffs. Where just like the Denver Broncos’ odds of beating the Pittsburgh Steelers, you and your in-laws are miles and miles apart. Whether you were doing the Two-Step or the Electric Slide to ring in the New Year, the dance of choice in the Big Apple is the Salsa. If the Atlanta Falcons can stop Victor from Cruz-ing into the End Zone, the music will shift from Celia Cruz to something a little harder, as they’ll be doing the Dirty Bird dance in Hotlanta. Let’s give a warm welcome back into the post-season for Detroit; they’re rewarded with a road trip to ‘Nawlins. And though they may be Lions, they’re defense has proven to be anything but ferocious. The Saints’ record setting aerial attack has kept them perfect at home, so unfortunately for Motor City, their tank is going to run out of gas. Texas usually makes an appearance in the playoffs, but this time it ain’t the Cowboys. The Houston Texans reach the second season for the first time in franchise history. It’s an old fashion Texas showdown against the Cincinnati Bengals, with two rookie quarterbacks T.J Yates and Andy Dalton squaring off. Texas will try to rely more heavily on the run game of Arian Foster and Ben Tate, while the Bengals will need the Red Rifle to be locked and loaded if they want to survive the first round. So clear your schedule and pack the fridge, make sure the phone and laptop are fully charged – it’s going to be a busy weekend. The worst part about the start of the playoffs? In just a month it’ll all be over.

I’ll see you in the game,


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