To Tebow or not to Tebow?

The Captain Morgan Playoff Challenge continues and below is a Saturday’s Coneference Semi-Finals preview brought to you by InGamer co-Founder and fantasy sports expert Nic Sulsky. Enjoy the read and come try the coolest new sports game around at


I am hear by naming this The “When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object” Game.
The Saints have the most potent and diverse offensive attack i have ever seen. Pundits will talk about playing away from the Superdome, but SanFran isn’t exactly Lambeau Field. Brees is dialled in. They have 3 healthy and strong RBs. They have 2 elite pass-catchers and another 3 high-level ones. 8 real weapons. EIGHT. What team has EVER had that? The fact that they are being led by a QB playing at a level few have ever played at just seems unfair. But, they are heading straight at the NFL’s number one-ranked defense.

As impressive as Brees, Graham, Colston and Sproles are, ladies & gentlemen: I give you Patrick Wilis, Navarro Bowman, Justin Smith and Aldon Smith. The Niners defence has studs too. They are fast, strong and smart. If any defense can slow down the Saints it’s the Niners, but I don’t think they can. Brees is just playing too well. That being said, don’t expect 400+ yards passing. Think 280 with 3 TDS and 1 INT.

While it’s impossible to truly get a read on who Sean Payton & Drew Brees are going to feature, it’s not hard to call Frank Gore the singular feature of the 49’ers offense. If he rushes for 100+ yards San Francisco has a chance. They will use two-TE sets and play action to loosen up the Saints D, but if New Orleans can bottle up Gore (i’m looking at you Roman Harper & Jonathan Vilma), forcing Alex Smith to throw 30+ passes, the 49’ers are in trouble. Speaking of play action, that is where Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis will be dangerous, but Crabtree is no Megatron.

My Starting 6:
Captain: Frank Gore - RB, SF
Roman Harper - DB, NO
Marques Colston - WR, NO
Drew Brees - QB, NO
Darren Sproles - RB, NO
Patrick Willis - LB, SF

Keep an eye on: John Kasay, David Akers, Vernon Davis, Dashon Golson


Unbelievable. I’m not going to look back on last week outside of saying that one word. Now, the question is can Bill Belichik derail the confidence Tim Tebow and the Broncos offense will be bringing with them into Foxboro? The Patriots D has not had a good season, but they finally have both Jerod Mayo and Patrick Chung healthy and active. They are the two keys in stopping the rushing attack of the Broncos. The bigger question is, who is going to cover Demaryius Thomas? Kyle Arrington will likely get the call, and Thomas will eat him alive if Tebow gets the time to throw. Losing Eric Decker hurts, so look for Eddie Royal to play the key role on Saturday. If Royal can loosen up the slot, the Broncos vaunted rushing attack led by McGahee and Tebow will have success. Playing Tebow in the 1st Quarter, though, is a very risky proposition: Away from Mile High, Bill Belichik/Josh McDaniels, his lacklustre 1st Q last week ...all ingredients for a rough start.

As for the Patriots, you know who’s getting the ball in the passing game. Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez all had stand out seasons, but it may be Hernandez who stars in this one. He had 120+ yds and score in their first meeting this year, and the Broncos may again focus on stopping Welker and Gronk. Chances are, they all have solid games, big question for us InGamers is who is going to start off hot? My bet is Hernandez. While the passing game is cut and dry, the NE running game isn’t. BenJarvus Green-Ellis was the early season starter and is the goal-line back, but it’s Stevan Ridley who has emerged as more of the rushing workhorse. I have more trust in the ‘Law Firm’ to score a TD but in here, where every yard counts, Ridley does definitely merit consideration...especially in the 1st Quarter. If the Pats can run the ball effectively, this will be a blow out.

Finally, the question everyone is asking themselves: do I captain Tim Tebow? Do you believe in lightning striking twice? I believe in Belichik.

My Starting 6:
Captain: Wes Welker - WR, NE
Tom Brady - QB, NE
DJ Williams - LB, DEN
Aaron Hernandez - TE, NE
Willis McGahee - RB, DEN
Patrick Chung - DD, NE

Keep your eye on: Tim Tebow, Stevan Ridley, Eddie Royal, Jerod Mayo

Sunday’s game previews coming soon...
Good Luck Everyone and see you in the games!!

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