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Please excuse me as I write this because my Ugg boot is inserted in my mouth. Once again the New England Patriots prove me wrong and are now one win away from a definite "dynasty" title beside their name, and deservingly so.

Sitting on my couch enjoying the thriller of the game with the Baltimore Ravens, awaiting an overtime classic, one thing came to mind…..“Ray Finkle”. Wide left, wide left. The laces were in. Billy Cundiff blows the game tying kick and I felt sick for the whole Ravens organization. Ray Lewis. Ed Reed. Joe Flacco. And I guess a little for the goat himself.

It’s ironic that the Patriots punched their ticket to the Super Bowl thanks to their defense. A red zone stand at the end of the game to force the field goal was the deciding factor. Although Lee Evans, buddy, you have to hold on to the rock. Again, give respect to the Pats D on knocking it out of his hands. The Ravens defense deserve a ton of credit too, they did the unthinkable by shutting the Golden Boy down. Brady posted mediocre numbers, failing to reach the end zone thru the air for the first time since the 2009 season. He also threw two interceptions. But, he did walk away with the game winning score as he plunged into the end zone on a 1 yard TD run.

My hat goes off to New England, they always seem to find away to get it done. It’s another run for the Brady Bunch at being World Champs. For many that would have been an obvious choice to start the year, but not as easy a prediction as to what Coach Belichik will wear.

While I have my hat in the air, I’m going to turn it into a crown and place it on the head New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. What else can you say about the gritty performance against the league’s most dominant defense in the San Fran 49ers. That was nothing short of spectacular. He looked like a prize fighter as he kept getting up after getting teed off on from vicious hit after vicious hit. Just like ‘Irish’ Micky Ward, he absorbed the blows and moved the brigade forward. In doing so, he gained my respect and I’m sure many others the same.

As I remove the Ugg from my mouth, it brings me to that ugly performance from Niners second year player Kyle Williams. Fumbling in the NFL is unacceptable; it’s the easiest way to find your self out of the league.Watching him cough it up the first time was tough to see. It hurts the heart as I write this, for all the 49’ers faithful who have been dreaming of these moments for many long miserable seasons. While holding the streaking Giants and forcing them to punt, all the momentum was shifting to the home team. Then it happened, the ‘fumble heard round the world.’

I believe Britney Spears said it best. “Oops I did it again”. This time however, there was no chance for a comeback.


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  1. I think the 9ers got a taste of what the Saints gave them the week prior. Couple of dropped kick returns? LOL!

    Giants will win the superbowl!

    Great read Jenn,



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