If you believe... You achieve

There always seems to be a major upset in the NFL playoffs, but very few predicted this. After a three-week hiatus, the comeback kid with the warrior spirit and hopeful heart is back… and he’s taken the Mile High route on what looked like a busted Bronco, but is in fact a stud on a mission. After being the Mayor of Brutesville the last month, Tim Tebow officially left his post yesterday finally starting the game off right. It only makes it fitting that he’d have the most prolific game of his career when all the odds were stacked against him and it seemed many of his believers had lost the faith. While in Houston, we have liftoff! After watching Shuttle AF23 rip through the core of the Bengals defense, it’s clear the deployment of Andre Johnson is what launched the running game into orbit. The win marks a milestone of cosmic proportions for the Texans, their first playoff victory. Not short of playoff victories are the Manning bros, and with only one Manning in the playoffs this year, Eli sure played like a $97 million man. Without having to revert to their previous successful formulas, the Giants were able to Cruz passed the Falcons sans Victor. After squeaking into the playoffs it’s déjà vu for the defense, with a performance like yesterday we were all taken back to blurred memories of that improbable Super Bowl run from a four years back. And finally, we go from the Big Apple to the Big Easy, where it wasn’t that easy until the fourth quarter. In true NFL record-holding fashion Drew Brees did what he does best, he turned up the volume late in the game, and the party’s still going in the French Quarter. What a wild card weekend! Only the strong survive, and this time around the Steelers aren’t one of them. Salivating for the Divisional Round- if it’s half as good as the first round, I’ll be thoroughly impressed. I'll see you in the game!



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