The Cheese has been Grated

Just like Swiss cheese, the Green Bay Packers showed they had plenty of holes in their game. The biggest stinker to their Munster season? The plain sight exposure of their moldy defense. The gun slinging super hero Aaron Rodgers and company put up so many points that it was almost an afterthought defending their Super Bowl title required a bit of defense. Those emotionally invested with the Packers knew deep down the Giants had a fair shot of winning. But dominating at Lambeau Field? That’s a totally different brick of cheese. The Packers exposed their weaknesses early in the year with close calls against poor teams like the Panthers and the Vikings, but they still barged on to an almost perfect season to downplay those faux-pas. Pound for pound the Giants outplayed the Pack, everything from the pivot to the pass rush. Speaking of rush, Rodgers should NOT have been his teams’ leading rusher with only 66 yards. It may have been cold out but the run game was softer than brie. It was the power of the turnover that put up the points this weekend inthe NFC, and not the power of the arm. By halftime there were more emotions in the stands than an entire season of The Bachelorette, and in the end Aaron didn't get the rose in this one.


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  1. Wow, love the references Jenn, you've got such a great way with words. I love reading your blog posts. Keep it up!


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