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A common question presented in the interactive InGamer chat area is who holds the records? Top game score, best quarter, top player are a few of the categories that generally carry the most discussion and if Scotty Mack isn't around to verify, they generally go unanswered. So, to end the debate and more importantly to have some fun, let's take a look at the current individual NFL & NHL InGamer high game score records with a brief description of what happened during the games they were set.
Writers note: These records are as of September 23rd, 2011.

NFL High Individual Game Score

It almost pains me to write this, and if not for a late game interception thrown by Miami's Chad Henne during week 1 Monday Night Shoot Out versus New England I would not have to, but InGamer's own Nic Sulsky is the current high game record holder. Nic scored an impressive 2904 points during November 15th 2010 Philadelphia Eagles victory over the Washington Redskins. So what happened in this particular contest? Well...Mike Vick accounted for 6 touchdowns leading the Eagles to a resounding 59 - 28 thumping of the Skins.

Top 5:
1. InGamer_Nic: 2904 15/11/2010 Philadelphia versus Washington
2. Myluckypicks: 2851 12/09/2011 New England versus Miami
3. Sue: 2764 12/09/2011 New England versus Miami
4. Playermaker4477: 2726 12/09/2011 New England versus Miami
5. Keesje_Ingamer: 2590 12/09/2011 New England versus Miami

NHL High Individual Game Score

It is a five way tie for the top NHL game score. On Saturday October 30th, 2010 Washington exploded for six second period goals en-route to a 7-2 thrashing of the Calgary Flames with Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, Mike Green and Alex Semin combining for five goals and 8 assists. It was almost the perfect storm for setting a high game of the NHL's most popular players along with his supporting cast going on a scoring rampage.

Top 5:
1. horseshoes: 1052
2. ssettle: 1052
3. travlorno: 1052
4. maroons: 1052
5. lsi750227: 1052

I'll continue to dive down the road of high scores as the season progresses and certainly see these records falling. Next week we will take a look at the all time best periods/quarters.

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