Fall Release

Welcome to the new season!

Since the end of hockey season there have been tonnes of changes made. Here's the info on what is getting released next week and beyond. We have improved rival rankings, chat, and given you more ways to easily connect with your friends.


You can now sign into the site u
sing your Google, Yahoo, Twitter, or Facebook credentials. This gives you an easier path to login if you are always signed into one of those services.

The result of this is that you can have multiple ways of signing in to a single account. As in you would see the same list of rivals and games played whether you login through your Username/Password or with your Facebook account. There is a large warning before two accounts are joined, especially when they both have played games.

Profile images are now enabled. You can upload these through your settings page. Icon versions appear in the chat.

All of the account based navigation has moved into a menu accessible in the top right of the page.

To make it easier to pull your friends into a game with you, it is now possible to send invites to anyone you know through Google, Yahoo, or Facebook.

Once you have your rivals into a game with y
ou, the relative rankings during a game will update immediately (rather than not at all, as happened most of the time before).

Game Interface

There has been lots of subtle changes in the game interface screen, some of which may be confusing for returning users, the first time they play with it. Mostly things have just moved around. These changes have been made in anticipation of some additional features that will be coming soon -- see the final section of this post.

The ranking area now
defaults to you and your rivals that are in the same game. In order to change to see the Overall or VIP you need to click on the top bar and select them (rather than just moving your mouse over it).

The player pick window now functions differently. Now the top area shows your squad and if you click on any of the players here they will become your captain. The lower area, with the list of all players, is where you toggle players on or off of your squad.

The fast pick is now under a separate tab, as are the points breakdown list.

Overall there have been big improvements in the responsiveness of the plays being received and your ranking being calculated. It will be faster and more accurate.

The chat area shows you everything that your rivals are saying, whichever game they happen to be in. You can also choose to view all the chat messages by everyone playing the same game as you. As we gain more users you will like limiting the chat to your rivals as the mass chat will become very 'noisy.'

We have also added a separate help channel. To send a message to this channel just precede your message with a ? as in "?how do I captain a player?" If you send a message to the help channel you will automatically start viewing everything in it -- so you can see the response. Feel free to help one another out on there, and be aware that this is avenue through which most "support" messages from InGamer staff will come.

People who are playing but are not signed in will have all their messages put into the help channel.

Down the Pipe

Two big things that are coming is the ability to see what other people have picked after the period has begun and the ability to see how you and your rivals are doing in the current contest or season.

Coming soon will also be the ability to play InGamer within Facebook. In order to see your game records when playing on Facebook, you will have to be sure to link your InGamer account to Facebook.

These and many other updates will be coming over throughout the upcoming season. Just prior to any significant updates we will post something on the blog to let you know what we have in store.

With all of our features their creation and evolution is based heavily on the feedback we get from you. Please keep it coming, don't be shy.

Thanks for playing!

The InGamer Team

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