Habs Fan: An Ode to Boston

I despise Boston’s sports teams more than any other. WAY more. It’s not even close.
Case in point:

Football: I moved to Los Angeles from Montreal when I was 4. I’m a diehard Raiders fan. Tuck Rule.  I hate the Patriots.

Basketball: I grew up in LA during the Showtime Magic vs. Bird era. ‘Nuff said. Celtics suck.

Baseball: After the Expos died, my allegiance quickly fell to Toronto (my adopted hometown now). Being in the AL East means two things: The Yankees can bite me and, yes, the Red Sox can suck it.

Hockey: Habs fan for life. Bruins = Nemesis.

As a graduated historian, I like looking back. And as a Habs fan, I really like looking back at the first two Finals games. Yes, the Bruins beat the Habs in Game 7 of round one.  Yes Bruins fans, you got me there. Yes, the Habs have been on the golf course for the last month BUT you, my dear Clam-eating friends, have just had to swallow the most excruciating string of losses in the history of sports.

I have racked my brain (ok, maybe not racked, but spent as much time thinking about this as an entrepreneur father of a 3 yr. old can) thinking of any two-game string worse then this, and nothing even comes close.

Game 1 Loss: Raffi Torres scores with 18 seconds left in regulation in a 0-0 game. Ouch.
Game 2 Loss: Alexandre Burrows scores 11 seconds into OT. WOW.

Just thinking about the Bruins Fan’s heartache brings a demonic little smile to my face. I know this is just cruel…but isn’t this when Sports is the best? You WANT to root for a team. In order to really feel the power of sports you need to have a vested interest in the outcome of a game. (Sure, gambling helps, but that is fake emotion; it’s emotion fabricated by greed). Either you LOVE a team so much it hurts OR you loathe a team so much you NEED them to lose.

Yes, I want the Bruins to lose. Sure, the Canucks are alright, but I couldn’t care less who was playing the Bruins…as long as Boston loses. As a Habs fan, I couldn’t be happier with how Vancouver is giving me what I want, what I need….a painful, heart-wrenching Bruin’s defeat.

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