HNIC Star Selector - Conference Finals - Game 6 - Bruins vs Lightning

Dear Vegas, thank you for the foggy memories.  Dear Blog faithful, sorry for the few game lapse...

Here we are at Game 6 and I have to sit and ponder... The Bruins are up 3-2?  Seriously?  Let's do a quick series recap.   Game 1 the Lightning looked totally in control and game 2 was heading in the exact same direction until Tampa collapsed. Tim Thomas posted a shut out in game 3 then stole game 5 with Mike Smith unexpectedly winning game 4.

But what has happened?

First, Tyler Seguin is reassuring the Bruin faithful that they are SET for the foreseeable future.  He has 6 points in 5 games despite averaging only 12 minutes of ice per night.  His unexpected production has forced the Lightning to readjust their game plan which is opening up space for Lucic and Horton to score more points.  Game 5 exemplified the 'Seguin' impact as the youngster was held off the score sheet but the big guns made key contributions.

Secondly, Dwayne Roloson has fallen back to earth a little.  I hesitate to say crashed because, as my Dad always said there are 5 mistakes before the puck get's to the goalie, but for every game Rolly has stolen in the first two rounds he has given back in the Conference Finals.  The team as a whole has loosened up and lost a little of their physical swagger but some pucks that are getting to the net should be turned aside.  His GAA has gone up .50 points due to this series alone, going from 2.01 to 2.51.

Finally Tim Thomas has decided to get serious and show why he dominated the Flyers in round 2.  Game 3 = shutout, Game 5 = one goal highlighted by one unbelievable stick save.  In every game he has faced more than 30 shots and has all 11 of the Bruins wins.  If Thomas stays focused and really keeps his angles along with not drifting to the shooters low on the sides, he will dominate once again.

I do see this series going 7 with the Bruins finishing off the Lightning at home but this game will be very physical and not short on beauty goals.

Star Select it Yo!  I had some solid picks ( Shout out to Keesje on
his killa picks too ) last week, make these my shoe ins of the week;

Michael Ryder - has been solid all playoffs and will continue to excel in game 6.
Martin St Louis - home game, conference finals, 2 goals, captain, werd
Tyler Seguin - always ride a winner and with the Lightning still focusing on Lucic causing the Segway to shine.
Eric Brewer - not sure why i feel this pick but i do, will be good for 2 points and some sort of tongue swallowing hit.
Simon Gagne - Like a silent assassin, he waits for times to kill, this game he shows up big time.

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